Hello, I'm pulling up a chair as I'm in for the long haul...

Hello everyone. Last Tuesday 3rd Jan I was diagnosed as having IDC (1.5cm) with an area of DCIS, plus, if that’s not enough, my lymph nodes have joined in and proven positive.

I am booked in for a full body scan on Wednesday 11th Jan,so am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that all is clear elsewhere.

My plan of attack will be chemo first followed by a MX with lymph node removal. Me scared? You betcha I am.

Hand holding and buddying up most welcome:)

Hi Samos,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good, honest support from the many informed users of this site, who I am sure will be along shortly to start with that support.

In the meantime, I have put for you below links to some of BCC’s publications you may find helpful. Also, if you feel you need to talk to someone in confidence, then the helpline staff are here to help. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000 (as are all BCC’s publications and services) Lines to the helpline open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2.


Resource pack: www2.breastcancercare.org.uk/publications/diagnosed-breast-cancer/resource-pack-primary-early-breast-cancer-bcc145

I hope this helps. Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Samos,
so sorry you have to join our gang… very exclusive though, we only allow the very best in. Hopefully some buddies will be along soon for you… don’t think there’s a ‘starting chemo in Feb2012’ thread yet so this could be it! Otherwise, do take a look at the dark dark woods thread - you sound like you’d fit right in… share.breastcancercare.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=29124&p=622678#p622678

I’m now a year post chem and nearly a year post surgery (like you was neoadjuvant) and doing well. This time next year hopefully you’ll be in a similar place.

Hi Samos

Sorry you have had to find your way to this place but you are in good company.

I was diagnosed at the end of May 2011 and had 8 sessions of chemotherapy (4xEC + 4xTAX) followed by simple mastectomy and anxillary (lymph node) clearance on December 20th. I am now waiting for my radiation planning meeting on January 27th when I will get my start date for 15 doses.

Like you, I was scared when first diagnosed, I am sure that everyone is. I had full CT and bone scan - both were clear. Surgery removed what was left after chemo and now the Radiation will add protection for the future - as will the tablets that I have to take for the next 5 years. I am just focusing on getting stronger and fitter.

As RevCat mentions above, take a look at the dark dark woods thread.

All the best

Bloomin’ heck Revcat - 703 pages!!! I’ll be in the woods forever:)so keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be the one with the 1000 candle mega light torch.

Thanks ladies, you’ve made me feel right at home.

After posting I had a call from Christies ‘inviting’ me for my scan tomorrow at 9.00 am - rush hour if you please. I’ve not done rush hour for sometime lol. My appointment Wednesday is with my Onc, so I’m hoping that I will come away with good news - I sure need some.

Are there any ‘normal’ timescales for scan results? Do you get them on the day? Or when you see the Onc? My scan is expected to take a couple of hours as I need a drink - oops a freudian slip I meant to say I need to drink the magic mixture before the scan. What’s the usual lead in time for chemo to start?

So many questions… And that’s before I even think about the MX.

Hi Samos,

I too am sorry you have to joine us here on this forum, but you do sound as though you have a very good sense of humour and that’s just what we all need, so a very big welcome!
I was diagnosed in October 2011 with a 4.3 cm tumour in my left breast and had a sentinel lymph node biopsy on 12 October which showed that cancer had spread to some lymph nodes. I started chemo (3 x FEC and 3 x Tax) on 24th November and today was my last FEC, so I’m halfway through, wooohooo. I have had a CT scan and a bone scan before I started chemo, which thankfully both were clear. Have had 2 MRI scans to see if the lump has shrunk (it hasn’t yet, but early days). They don’t tell me at my hospital the results of any tests, they send the results on to the Onc or the breast cancer guy. The waiting is the worst part, definitely, but all things come to pass. Before you know it you’ll be through the other side.

Hello Samos,
I’ve pulled up the seat next to you!
Dx on 6th dec and had snb and wle on 28th dec so going tom to find out my results.
Then hopefully no further op just chemo and rads. I say just cos that’s how I like to think about it , a little blip in my life, then carry on and back to normality.
Seems like hosp do things diff mine is surgery first then drugs but others are the other way round.
Good luck with the rushhour don’t fancy that one but have been on sick for a month! Only rushing. With the school run for me!
Good luck with it all
Lots of love
Fran xx

What a day! The five mile drive to Christies took an hour and a half - making me half an hour late. No worries though as the staff were lovely, and like a good girl I drank my Pernod and Black as directed. Funny but I seem to remember it tasting better all those years ago - glad I only drink it with water these days:)

So, scans all done - results I guess tomorrow when I meet my Onc.

Fingers crossed for Leeds39 and your results today x

Hey Samos
I think we are pretty much in the same situation.
Sure all of your scans will be fine.
I started my chemo on Thursday and have been absolutely fine since…
well, one little hiccup… I fancied a takeaway curry… big mistake and lesson learnt!!! hahaha
I am going to have 6 sessions of chem, then masectomy (hopefully reconstruction), then radiotherapy as lymp nodes affected…
I’m sure we will probably have many chats over the coming months… Anne x

Hi Samos,
How you feeling after your pernod and black?
That’s quick that you get your results tomorrow.
I didn’t get mine yesterday they cancelled my appointment to next tuesday because they weren’t back. So still in the land of waiting!
Let us know how you get on tomorrow.
Love fran

Hi Fran

What a bummer about your appointment being cancelled! Just something else to add to the anxiety. It puts me in mind of the Mel Brooks movie “High Anxiety” - the song constantly goes through my head!

12 hours from now I’ll be arriving at the hospital ready for my mx. Aargh! nerves or what!! I’m sort of prepared for it now - I had my pre-assessment on Monday afternoon, and had a long chat with the bcn - I was talking about any future treatment, but she put her hand up and said, put that on the back burner, get Thursday over with and we’ll sort out your treatment plan. She was lovely, understands that I’m positive on the outside, but not inside.

Hope I feel everyone’s ‘virtual hugs’ tomorrow.

Hugs and xxxxx

hi newc43

just sending you lots of hugs for your op tomorrow.

are you staying in over night or hoping to make for a great escape the same day.

TTM xxx


I should be in for a couple of days, I think. I’m not far from the DeliBar of Marks and Spencer for my usual glass of champagne. And it’s downhill from the hospital; might need some help to get back up again though! Lol!
I’ve got the list of ladies from the Jan 2012 Surgery Buddies thread, written in my journal - we’re holding virtual hands for each other.

I’ll post back on that thread so watch out for the result!
Thanks for your kind thoughts
Hugs and xxx

Firstly the good news - body scan clear -phew.

I’ll apologise for going off the air, but following meeting the Onc on Wednesday my hubby kidnapped me and took me up to The Lakes to blow away the cobwebs. What a brilliant decision, we’ve spent the last few days walking the fells around Ambleside and I feel so rejuvenated.

Ok, so where am I now? Well, I had what I think was a bit of a run in with the Onc. Basically he was wanting to change my treatment programme of neoadjuvant chemo followed by surgery to surgery and then adjuvant chemo, in order for me to take part in a new drug trial. If I went that route, then my MX wouldn’t take place until the 8th February - so I’d be hanging on imagining this alien inside my body simply growing and growing…

So the lady said NO! I’m sticking with the original plan with chemo starting Wednesday (proving my heart passes the echo test!) - I guess this means I can join the January chemo thread (lucky me lol)

Newc34 - I am thinking of you and hoping all went well xx

Sue xx

Hi Sue
What great news that your body scan was clear, i was like a kitten on hot bricks waiting my results, which fortunately was clear.
Chemo is okay, have not had any bad effects fron it which is great, hope that your first one goes well on Wednesday, I will be having my 2nd one on Thursday.
Take care x

Thanks tedds.

1st FEC was due today at five pm, but due to three/four hour delay for treatment at Christies, I’m having it first thing tomorrow morning.

Feel like a naughty schoolgirl let off detention!