Hello peeps :)

Been lurking for a couple of weeks so thought it was time to say hello.

Had my wle and snb on 5 August, grade 2, 24mm, clear margins, no node involvement, erpr 8/8, given the choice of chemotherapy or not but for me it’s a no brainer as i think it’s best to throw everything I have at it now.

First FEC is 30 September, am going to try the cold cap though having my hair cut shorter on Monday in preparation.

Have learned so much from you lovely ladies already, it’s been good to read others feeling the same, as if it is happening to someone else, feel absolutely fine so how can I have bc? Looking to everyone else as if I am dealing with it brilliantly, but just screaming inside.

I am 46, three gorgeous girls aged 18, 15 and 8.

Anyhow, hello everyone

Hello Harriet

And welcome.

Sorry you have had to join us here, but you will find tons of support!

I am 47, but was diagnosed in March at 46 diagnosed at same age.

I had 4.5 cms dcis, 1,2 and 3 mm of invasive. Mine is Hormone receptive too. My nodes were clear and I was told I didnt need chemo! Sadly it was found that my cancer was Her2positive, and that this is a more aggressive type of cancer, so I was offered herceptin and chemo, which I started this week.

Keep posting, and let us know how you get on.


Welcome Harriet,
Lurking is a good way to check the place out I reckon!

I was 47 at dx a year ago, now 48 and “moving on” as the terminology goes.

Sorry you have to join the club no one wants to join, but you will get loads of support, encouragement and wise insights on here. Mostly we get on fine and even agree to disagree on topics, but at times we all get a bit fragile or a bit crabby, so bear with us on those days!

Be kind to yourself, seek the help you need and you will get through


Hi Harriet and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support and information you already have I am posting a link to the BCC publications page where you can order or download information which you may be of interest to you over the coming months, including our hair loss publication. You may find our ‘Talking to children’ books useful along with information about the treatments you will be undergoing shortly, you can access all of these and many more via this link:


Our helpliners are also here to offer you a listening ear and information on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Saturdays.

The following link will take you to the BCC services page where you can check out further support BCC can offer you:


Best wishes

Hi Harriet,

I’m quite new to this too, nice to meet you.

Diagnosed 11 Aug Invasive Ductal stage 1, grade 2, ER+. WLE and SLN on 31st August. Will have 3 1/2 weeks RADS and tamoxifen.

I’m 45 and have a 4 year old at home and 5 other children (20 to 27, 4 of whom are my step children). I’m like you, of the ‘throw anything at it camp’. Hope it all goes well.

The forums really keep me going too. x

I was diagnosed on the 23rd June, with DCIS.
I was told that I just needed and op but they found 1.4 cms of invasive grade 3, no nodes involved.
I have now been told that it would be best to have chemo as a precaution.
They put my stats in the computer abd my odds are nearly 90% still being here in 10 years!
I am really struggling to be honest. Mu oncologist is lovely and very postive.
My biggest fear is it coming back .
I am very depressed and can’t seem to function very well.
I think it is because we have no control over the situation .
I really wish that I could be stronger and just get on with it. I’m sure that I will get there.
Sorry to moan!

Hi Harriet

I too was lurking about for a couple of weeks before I plucked up the courage to register. The support is fantastic on here and you find so much information. I was only diagnosed last week and have an appointment for the surgeon tomorrow. I am a nervous wreck but am just trying to take it a day at a time.

Hugs to you

Hi Ladies, just passing through. I’m a 7 monther so a little way down the line. Welcome to the forums.

Hey everyone, thanks for your kind words.

Sozza, I hope you had a better day today, it’s difficult isn’t it, but we will be ok, short term pain for long term gain I hope.

Apple street, good luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes

Stargazer, how did the chemotherapy go, I hope you are not having too many se?

Well I just watched Spooks, I love it! Hair cut tomorrow, short and funky hopefully.

OH spoke to our 8 year old today, she knew I had an op but that all. She was fine, thought the possibility of me losing my hair was hilarious! Going to speak to her teacher tomorrow but hoping to just keep it low key for her as much as possible.

Hi Harriet

Sorry you have had to join but as everyone else has said you will get lots of support here.

I was diagnosed on 5th Sept and having WLE and ANC on 30th Sept.
I think that there will be a good chance that I will have to have chemo from the information on the site as I already have cancerous cells in the lymph nodes and although not looking forward to it will just want to get on with it and over with. Although will be over the moon if they tell me it isn’t necessary.

take care
Jean xx

Just wanted to say all the best to you ladies at the start of your treatment. Think I might have the lurking record as I lurked for over a year before posting!

Hi Harriet,

A warm welcome to you. As you can see from the time of posting, I am on the nightshift!!! Since being diagnosed on 5th August I haven’t been sleeping very well. I was diagnosed with IDC, 9mm grade 1. Had WLE & SNB on 30th September. Margins were clear but unfortunately out of the 2 nodes removed, one had microscopic cancerous cells in, so now I face further surgery on 7th October to have a partial axillary clearance, chemo more than likely, rads and tamoxifen for 5 years. All a bit surreal at the moment having not found a lump, just picked up on routine mammogram. Not looking forward to Chemo but looking at other posts it is something we can get through but like you I want everything thrown at me for best possible outcome. Just wish I didn’t have to have more surgery so I could start it sooner.
By the way I am a 53 mother to 3, stepmother to 2, nannie to 2, stepnannie to 1 and I have another granchild arriving in 5 weeks time. They certainly keep my mind off things.
Keep posting and hope your treatment goes well x

ditto re new to this

I had a fab holiday booked with my family for my 50th in december and my daughter ets married next June all this has been thrown up in the air now. After years of gynae issues and migraines i finally had early menopause and the last 14months was period free with only weight gain and flushes and insomnia as side effects. My lovely kids have all flown ( sons of 24 and 26 and my daughter 27) and i was looking forward to the next stage with my hubbie. I found a lump in my r breast on 23 august and have since hadWLE and SNB . Tpe 3 triple negative ca , nodes clear but not clear margins so second op within two weeks still no clear margin and more cancerous tissue found!. Start chemo next week then gene testing as my mum died of BC 14 years ago. Mastecotmy possibly bilateral depending on the genetic results.ANYWAY I too like some of you ladies am getting my head around feeling the best i have for years and yet my body misbehaving!!!. And thats the bizarre thing isn’t it ?. my biggest upset is the wedding in June as my hair will not have regrown and i will have had boobs sorted ( currently a 36 G so not something that will go unnoticed ;)). Wasn’t sure of blogging as not done before but hopefully i can help others and share with others on my journey . Re the blue dye my boob is already blue free after 3 weeks . re chemo i am all in favour of nuking the misbehaving cells no matter how uncomfortable . Looking forward to further communication x