Hello Sonya & All

Hello Sonya & All

Hello Sonya & All Hello

Haven’t posted in a long time so thought I’d check in and say hello. It is the 1st anniversary of my diagnosis next week and I’m glad to say I’m feeling great. I finished my radiator-therapy as my friends call it at the end of October. I was exhausted and sore and really thought it was going to take a hell of a long time to start feeling normal again - however 2 weeks later I was feeling sooo much better and in November I went on the best holiday of my life - a journey safariing around Kenya - not an easy trip but it really allowed me to move on.

I’m pleased to say that I am back at work full time and even went for my first jog at the weekend (although my boob hurt a bit even with sports bra). One of my goals for this year is to run (not walk) race for life but as I only managed 10 minutes this weekend I’ve got a long way to go!

Have my next Mammo in Feb and I’m pleased to be seeing someone again as i do get fears about it returning as I am afraid I could not cope half as well a second time - however, everything is promising.

The hair is looking quite funky and a lot more curly and everyone says I should keep it short but I’m looking forward to having it longer. Have my first hair appointment next week!

Hope you are all doing well.
Amy xx

Hi Amy Glad to hear you are doing so well and enjoying life. Like you, I am coming up to the first ann of my diagnosis - what a year it has been. At times, it felt as if the treatment would never end, but it has and like you I feel really great.

Your holiday sounds fantastic, really life affirming. I went to Kenya some years ago on safari and I think it was the best holiday I have had, mind expandingly amazing.

Good for you planning to run the race for life. I too am on a fitness campaign of swimming and walking. Its great to be able to do these things although the first time I went swimming I felt quite scared and was taken aback by my reaction.

As for hair, I remember when I first ‘met’ you on the site. I think you had just started a new job and like all of us were worried about the hair /wig problem. Isn’t it great to have our own hair again? Mine is about two inches long and I have had similar comments to you but I just want it to grow. Enjoy your session at the hair dressers.

It was lovely to hear your news.

best wishes


Great to hear from you Oh my word Amy, how spooky! I havent’ been on here for ages then I came on last week for the first time and searched for posts from people who I remember. I said to my hubby that you hadn’t been on for ages and I wondered if you were OK. Last time I read a post of yours was just before you were about to have your op. I am relieved to hear your news I have to say!!!

It was my one year since diagnosis a couple of weeks ago. I have my mammo at the end of this week. I am feeling nervous cos I do worry, even though I try not too, about reoccurance. I am lumpy and soar still in my breast. I poke it and prod it all the time. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t. My hubby says “will you stop feeling yourself up all the time”. He’s jealous (ha,ha). I feel like my life is on hold at the moment cos I want to get the mammo out of the way before I start making long term plans.

I had a fab holiday at Christmas, we went to Mexico. The rest was fab and I love having a tan. I feel healthy at the moment. My hair is looking pretty funky now too. Had it dyed at Christmas just before my hols. People say I should keep mine short. I do like it but like you, I think it needs to be a little longer.

You’ve made my weekend now!


Great to hear from you too Lovely to hear from you both! Son - I am so glad you said you feel lumpy too. I was having a regular poke about this weekend and found a lump where the old one used to be underneath the scars. I am really hoping it is scar tissue but I’m going to try and see my consultant to take the worry away as my mammo was moved back to March and I can’t wait that long. I’m so P’D off! I was really getting on with life, making plans, about to go for a promotion and now I’m back living in fear about health, finance, loved ones again. Fingers crossed it is nothing, but we’re always going to have to live with these underlying fears aren’t we? I’m not one to say it often but ITS NOT FAIR!

Any how - so glad you have both been getting on well. Will let you know if I get any more news - let me know how your first mammo goes.
A x