Hello I have costachondritis plus other stuff - am i alone out here?

—hi oldship —not sure exactly what you are refering to, i am possibly going to be diagnosed with fibroadenoma next week fingers crossed.
if there’s anyone out there who has similar i would love to know if they had it removed or not.
Hope you get some replies oldship.

Hi Mel I just wondered if with all of the categories something like benign conditions would be overlooked, glad to see i am not alone.
I have been confirmed as having costachondiriis which is inflammation of the chest wall which they thought (mistakenly) caused my breast pain it can be confused with other conditions and is rarely actually identified. It makes the entire breast feel as though it is on fire with a heavy weight on top, rather like when you have had the worst cold on record and coughed your ribs loose.
Also i have distortions and mis-shaping that cannot be identified as there is no lump - 4 months now with being told it is a BC but not identifiable as what regularly at hospital and taking tamoxifen now.

Hi Mel I have been diagnosed with fibroadenoma. I had a biopsy and will get confirmation later this week so fingers crossed that its nothing worse. It is 3.5cm by 2.5cm and so the doctors recommend that I have a lumpectomy. But if it’s not cancerous why do I need to have it removed?


—Nicole —Hi
Fibroadenomas are benign as you know already, they can be fairly large as is yours from the sound of it.
They can be painful, has yours been? This is one of the reasons that they get removed, as well as they size of them. They may well return, but you should always get another lump checked out and not assume its the same.
mine was scheduled to be removed but they changed their mind on the day of the op, 5 mins before surgery to be precise!

It is an op done under general anaesthetic, so it’s not something to undergo if at all avoidable so they will be sure that it is the right step for you. It is usually done as a day case and you just need to take it easy for a bit afterwards.

Have you been given the details for the breast nurse at your hospital? If you have any query they can usually help or point you in the right direction.

When is your op? Let us know know you get on, fingers crossed and good luck.

—Hi Mel Well I haven’t had the results of my biopsy back yet. I’m hoping that no news is good news. I have had some pain but not where the lump is. The pain is halfway between my armpit and the lump

The consultant said that whatever the results he thinks the lump should be taken out because of its size. Just waiting to find out now…

Why did they decide to cancel your op at the last moment?


—Hi again Nicole —Fingers crossed for when you get your results. I hope all goes well for you.

I have not got a proper idea as yet about why my op was cancelled. I am seeing my consultant this friday for a chat about it and where to go now. I feel like I still don’t have any answers about it. If all is well to leave it be then thats fine but they are still unsure about what it actually is as far as I know. My ultrasound biopsy was R3 which means probably benign - so I really want to know for sure. I feel like I am making a big fuss but I just want some peace of mind that it can be left safely.

If you are unsure I would go ahead with removal, but see what your biopsy result shows.

Good Luck and let me know.

Hi Lynne R if you are out there, hope you are well.


Hi Mel Hi Mel,

I was diagnosed with two fibroadenomas in 2002. Unfortunately they weren’t fibroadenomas at all; they were (as I discovered in 2003) two grade 3 breast tumours.

At my first visit to the breast clinic I saw a young inexperienced overconfident SHO (Senior House Officer) who gave me a clinical examination, a mammogram (only at my insistence) but no fine needle aspiration or core biopsy.

Make sure that you’ve had the triple assessment (best clinical practice):

  1. Clinical examination (doctor examines you);
  2. Imaging (either mammography or ultrasound);
  3. Biopsy (either fine needle aspiration or core biopsy).

The triple assessment isn’t infallable but it is 99.6% accurate. Mammography alone is only about 60% accurate in younger women.

Wise doctors do the triple assessment even if they are pretty sure that the lump is benign.

If you are diagnosed with a fibroadenoma you could have it removed. You could live with it. You could ask to be reviewed in three months time. I’ve read somewhere that doctors are recommended to remove fibroadenomas that are in women over 35. I’m not absolutely sure about this but it is worth checking.

Recently laser treatment has been developed to remove fibroadenomas. This is less invasive than surgery and produces a more aesthetic result. There is a link to the guidelines on this part of the way down the following webpage.


Best of luck,


fibroadenomas —I had a fibroadenoma for a number of years and even though I had a lot of pain in the breast it was not removed. Then at one of my check up appointments I had a routine mamo. It showed DCIS and I ended up having a mastectomy. My breast had always been painful and when I saw the pathology reoport I was amazed at all the things that were wrong with it. I had DCIS which was widespread, fibroadenomas, mastitis, multiple intraductal papillomas and columular cell alteration. I did not realise so many things can go wrong with a breast. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I think I an definately better off without a breast in that condition! But my problem is the other one has a fibroadenoma and is painful. Even though I have been told it is nothing to worry about, I can’t help but worry!

Hiya Everyone I have just been diagnosed with an intraductal papilloma. Has anyone had one of these removed? if so, can you explain what happens and the after effects?

Only just seen this post,oldship —better late than never I guess! I don’t usually come into this forum. I was diagnosed with costachrodritis by my GP at about the time of bc dx. I still hve a similar sort of pain even though the left breast is gone - I had been putting it down to ‘ghost’ pains. Can anything be done do you know?
Also had benign breast disease, with several cysts for years which was helped by evening primrose oil. I found that when I ate lots of butter/cream/cheese the discomfort was worse, but the jury is still out on dairy consumption, I believe. I’d had cysts drained several times
Is yours any better yet - does it just go away? - I can’t remember what the gp said now it was all mixed up with dx. at the time.
best wishes, Judy

—Hi Mel —Well I got the results of the biopsy back and my lump is beneign which is good. At the time when I went in for consultation and had the ultrasound and biopsy the doctor said that as my lump was 3.5cm by 2.5cm and I was over 35 that I should have it removed even if it was benign. Now the biopsy results have come back they say it is up to me whether I have it removed or not. My mum and boyfriend think I should have it removed but I’m a bit scared of ops and what I will look like afterwards so I’ll probably say no to the op and leave the lump there. Am I being silly?


don’t panic —but take the opportunity of having the lump removed. then you won’t have to fret about it any more. others have reported elsewhere on this forum that their biopsy showed benign but on removal their lump was malignant. better to be safe than sorry

I’ve had four lumps out over the years, and the thinking about it has always been much worse than the reality. I even had one out under local anaesthetic, which was quite surreal, but couldn’t see or feel anything, so not gory!

And once the surgeon assured me that I would look excellent in a bikini when he’d done his stuff … had hoped this would mean a free session of tummy and thigh liposuction whilst I was ‘under’ but woke to find a small and very neat scar discretely placed so it would be hidden by even the briefest bikini top. Lovely, but the excess tummy and thighs still let down overall look.!

best wishes

Hiya Nicole How are you? I am glad all your results came back with great results!
I think if you are happy with not going through the op you should do what you think, not be advised into anything by anyone else, this is happening to you, and unfortunately, you alone so only you know what will work for you, kind of be selfish! You are not being silly at all, it is really easy for everyone else to say what they think you should do, although your family will only want the best for you, go with what you want and good luck, also can you not ask that if you don’t wan’t op now, could you maybe have it in 6 months a year or whatever?
I have no idea what you will look like if the lump is moved - sorry! I know I am waiting on results to tell me I have a fibroid thing and I think that if I was given the option of it getting taken out I will take it, this is soley 'cos when I wake in the morning I check if it is still there, then think hmm, has it got any bigger? I would have no idea if it had or not, but it is always a thought to me, but maybe I am just nuerotic!
Good luck and best wishes
Love Michellexxxx

Hi Michelle Well the doctor told me there would be a sizeable scar because of the size of the lump and the colour of my skin. Apparently scars show up on skin less, the whiter the skin