Hello :)


I am a member of a few forums but thought I would come jump on over here now where it is more public. I will do a quick introduction. 

I am Sarah 29 from suffolk, mum to five I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer at age 28 on May 27th 2015 while pregnant, I had a mastectomy then c-section, followed by chemotherapy x6 FEC and a node clearance then radiotherapy. I was in remission for three months before being diagnosed with secondaries May 26th 2016 to the liver, lung and lymph nodes. 

I am currently on carboplatin, just did round two on Monday.

Look forward to getting to know you all.


Edited to add: I am triple negative.

Hello Sarah! Good to hear from you and wow… mum to 5! They must keep you so busy.

sorry you’ve had to join us here.  I’m Helen, 47 mum of 2 and with bone and lung mets that were dx in Jan 16 after a 9 year gap between primary and secondary. 


It’s lovely to get to know new people on here and the more you post the more you get involved. There is a range of ages and lots with children. Do join the secondaries private group for fun and games. 

I read in a magazine at hospital yesterday someone saying that the docs/oncs heal the bodies but this forum heals the mind and gives the greatest emotional support… Definitely true!

Helen xxx


Hello Sarah
Welcome to our family …we are a friendly bunch here and will offer support and humour as much as we can.
We all have to cope with this dreadful shadow …some of us are older than you but hopefully we can help.
I was dx primary 2004 …dx bone mets Oct 2015 …I’m an old wrinkly of 64 . A wife; mum and nanny.xxx

Hi Sarah,


I am Maria, 46 with secondaries from the start to Liver and Hip.  Just had FEC x6 and about to have a lumpectomy.


I am a wife and mother to 2 girls aged 17 and 19.  I also live in suffolk, which hospital are you under for your treatment ?


Whilst I tend to read more than post on this site I have always received help whenever I have asked a question or had a worry.  Its full of lovely ladies with knowledge and humour. xxxx

Thank you for all the replies :slight_smile: I will try and join the private group, do I just message an admin?

My children are 9, 8, 6, 3 and 1yrs. (Girl, Girl, boy, boy, boy).

I will messgage you what hospital I am being treated under, don’t want it all to fall in the wrong hands and someone getting my info x

I am not sure how to private message lol

HHi Sarah, welcome to the forum, I was dx with bone mets in March 2014, primary dx 2007. I’m 48 with 2 grown up children 24 and 27. 

You will find plenty of support, advice and even a good old giggle on here!! A lot of us tend to hang about on the bone mets thread. 

Hugs Janette xxxx 

Hi sarah, just wanted to echo what everyone else has said.

I’m 52, primary dx 2011, sbc 2014…skin mets, plera and bone.

You are one helluvalady…how you have coped with this lot with 5 small children i just dont know.

Feel free to ask any question you like, rant and rave as much as you need…we are all here for you.xx

Welcome Mrs wright .i had MX and chemo in 2004.then it returned bones.peritoneal and liver .two more round of chemo…that was 2013…so my advice is read the forums and take as much help from friends and family as you can…and enjoy your lovely children
Xxx love Sharon.x

Hi Mrs wright you can hang about on any posts…since my recurrence in 2013 iv had two lots chemo and on hormones and demusamab injections. For bones…iv just had a scan results in August…it just goes on and on but the treatments do work…:heart: sharon

Hello Mrs Wright
Welcome .there are many threads to flick through but the bone Mets is for everyone to join in …we do get a bit silly at times but its a busy thread and someone is always lurking to reply to you.
Hugs xx