Help and Advice wanted on returning to a physical job

Hi, I was interested in how people with very phyical jobs have coped with mastectomy and lymph node removal and if this has affected the way they work.
I am a jeweller and teacher, with teaching taking up most of my time and I’m worried that I won’t be able to do many of the activities such as hammering, using rolling mills and presses and I’m also concerned that my place of work won’t let me teach in the workshop because of worries I might get injured. 
I had DCIS and radiotherepy 5 years ago and a right mastectomy and lymph node removal in march this year and I’m due back to work in September. I have tried to make some jewelley but have found it very painful, I am currently having skin expansion as part of a reconstruction and the muscle is tight and I have some cording under my arm so this is probably why.
I know it’s still early days but I wondered if there are any jewellers or Anyone who works with tools and machinery who are a year or so post surgery that could tell me how it’s been for you and if you’ve been able to resume your work.
Thanks x

Hi Glitterbug

As you can see I have adjusted your thread title and hope that will encourage people to respond.

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Hi Glitterbug,

Thought I might reply, as this was a issue with me also, and there was not really any threads at the time to help. I am a green keeper which is work on a golf course, which does involve a lot of physical work. I have had chemo finished march this year, masctomery with a expander implant like you with stractice which is modified pigs skin this holds it in place. Only one lymph node removed . Currently also now on tamoxifen waiting also to have the implant replace to a silcone one. Went back to work in June , and really it’s been a slow process of trying to get my health back, I’ve. Had no problems with the implant, which has surprised me because I thought there would be, no problem with arms although I am not as strong, the biggest issue is general health and fatigue, I used to be on Duracell battery’s I could go some but now I am on the cheap rubbish, intense physical is still a no I get out of breath easily, I also try to manage my fatigue as this is a problem also. It’s been hard at times. I want my general health back so I am still pushing on but I do realise it is going to be along process, I am going to give it another 6 months then reassess, as I cannot permanently go on the way I am at the moment. On a positive note the last week or two felt that I have improved and that I am no were near as bad as I was in June, think you are in a different position with regards to your arm and the amount of nodes removed, sorry I can not help you with that one. I do wish you well , take care,
Herdy 48