Help - anyone had surgery to good breast?

Hi everyone,
I had delayed LD recon last April with expander, its as big as it will go now but I’m faced with the decision of what to do with my good boob. I can leave it as it is (bit droopy) have a lift with small reduction or have lift + small implant & reduction to preserve the projection as I get older. My ps said that in a few years they won’t match because the recon side will stay very round but the other won’t.

Never thought of this - the thing is I’m worried about loss of sensation etc regarding the nipple and also how they check me for cancer that side. Although I’m pleased to be offered this I feel upset that how I look now won’t last long and wondered if anyone else has had this done - any comments would be helpful please.

Thanks Burnie x

Hi Burnie
I had a mastectomy March 2010 and am having a simple mastectomy to my good side along with implant reconstruction to both sides in 2 weeks time.My decision was based on risk of cancer in good breast due to family history but also symmetry as I am naturally a DD cup and the most an implant recon would get is a C cup.It was a battle to get them to agree to another mastectomy and I had to get the support of genetics and a counsellor before they finally agreed.
Good luck with whatever you decide

Hi Tracy,
Sorry to be a bit dim but what is a simple mastectomy?

Burnie x

Sorry,just meant that it would just be a mastectomy to the good side as opposed to the full node clearance I had last year.My main reason was symmetry,family risk and knowing that I had thrown everything at it hopefully not returning.

Thanks Tracy,
You must be very brave and possitive. I’m not sure how you feel emotionally at the moment but I am all over the place, I can feel every emotion in a few hours and very tearful. I thought that recon would make me on top of the world but the initial thrill has worn off now - not sure why I feel so up & down.

Sorry you are feeling like this.Would it help to talk to a counsellor at the hospital or a breast care nurse.I am not very brave at all and I don’t know how I will feel after the operation but at the moment I am just not thinking about it.Have just returned from a fantastic holiday in Florida so that has helped take my mind off things.If you need someone to chat to you are very welcome to PM me.

I had a mx and ld flap recon with implant in march 2010. at the same time i had an uplift and a reduction to my good side. I was an E cup but im now a D. I was also worried about losing sensation in the nipple and its definately a risk that they tell you about but thankfully for me its no different at all. im very happy with my “good” side. Unfortunately my body rejected my implant on the recon side so have been left lopsided for a year. In 3 weeks time we are attempting one last time (have tried 3 times!) to put the implant back in but i had to have a counselling session with a nurse before they agreed because she says its not going to look natural, its going to be higher than the natural one and it will be more rounded. To be honest, she had scared me to death but i still need to try one more time to try an achieve something that might resemble a breast!


Hi ladies,
Thanks for your helpful comments, I can understand your headstrong attitudes - sometimes you have to dig in and go for what you want and I admire that, I think your mind has such a big influence over your body after illness.

Deed, what a determined lady, I sincerely hope that you will have your new breast, my heart goes out to you, and thanks again for telling me about your experience because that will keep me going.

Burnie Xx

Hi I’m having a simple mastectomy to my healthy breast on 17th November as I don’t want the risk of cancet again and all the treatment. I’m having a dorsi flap again with no implant and the consultant agreed instantly probably because they left my cancer for six months before I had my original mastectomy.

Hi mnc
My elective mastectomy to healthy breast is also 17th November.Good luck with yours.

Hi Burnie

Im scheduled to have my TE replaced on 12 th nov, and im having a lift to the good one at the same time. Ill let you know how it goes! I also posted this question on another forum and got lots of info from there too, to add to everything here - - might be helpful.

Good luck xxx

Hi CarolineF,

Thanks for the link, plenty of comments to think about there, let me know how you get on after th 12th, good luck.

Burnie Xx