Help! Calling everyone with 4-5cm lump and clear lymph nodes

Hi again

A bit of help here would be greatly appreciated … your opinion is HIGHLY valued

Having finally got my test results I am waiting to see the oncologist.

Having no hormone receptors at all (100% negative) I know I will start radio in the new year (don’t know when yet) and after that it MAY be chemo. The surgeon indicated that he wants me to have it due to the size and agressiveness but it’s not his decision.

If you are in a similar position to me could you please let me know whether you are having anything other than radio. I live abroad and so am worried I may not get the right treatment.

Just for info found lump last 3012 06 - it was 3cm and looked ok. Then it grew - moderately aggressively - was nearly 5cm when solid lump was removed - with cancerous cells - nodes are clear though.

I would LOVE to hear from anyone with an opinion on this based on experience.

Wishing everyone the best of luck with their treatment in the New Year.

Many thanks.

PS Mine is medullary (rare - what a time for it to be my turn to be exotic!) but according to the bc nurse I rang this morning that doesn’t seem to make much difference.
PPS Am now very prepared to have chemo if necessary - especially since i found out about the wig shop in Leeds that caters for large heads - hope they do mail order - hope they will!

Dear FixBix

Please feel free to call the helpline for a chat to one of our team, although treatment plans are often different abroad they can offer a ‘listening ear’, it may help to talk your worries through with someone in confidence. The line is open tomorrow 9am-5pm the overseas number for helpline is (+44)2076200077.

Best wishes

Hi Fizbix

I had clear nodes and my lump was only 1.4 cms and yet my onc recommended chemo because of my age ( 42 at the time). I think with a lump that size they will recommend it. I cant deny it was not ver pleasnat but I did come out the other end!

Take Care


Hi Fizbix, I had a 4cms lump, no nodes, no hormone treatment for me. Was given the option of chemo, my choice. decided to go with it. ha 6 EC, which was doable…followed by 15 rads. Finished treatment November 06, got thro it and out the other end with determination.

Hope this helps you with your decision re treatment, good luck


Hi FixBix

I had 12 mm invasive lobular cancer, no lymph nodes affected, therefore had mastectomy due to LCIS, also not vascular. Was offered chemo but only increased my “survival” by 3 percent - to me not worth the ill health and also my partner’s three kids who I live with along with my three had seen their mother go through it twice to no avail. Have to say though, if you can have anything positive about BC, I had it - tumour really small, no lymph or vascular involvement and ER positive so am on tamoxifen now, with very few side effects - I’m a lucky girl.

You just need to go with what’s right for you.

Sending you my best wishes,

Sally xx

Hi FizBix,
I had a 4.5cm tumour and another much smaller close by. Mine were invasive lobular. I had no lymph or vascular involvement either, although am hormone receptive. After surgery I had 6 FEC followed by 15 rads and now take Arimidex.I wasn’t given a choice about chemo, probably because of the size of the tumours, but also because the cancer was invasive (I think). Whilst it wasn’t pleasant I do feel happier having had it because I think I’ve fought it with all guns blazing, so to speak.
Good Luck