Help - does anyone Know about occupational health checks??

Hi All

Two weeks ago I was offered a brill new job working for the NHS. It was subject to occ health and CRB checks.

I received a v long health form to fill in about any illnesses I had had over the years. I had already told them about bc in the interview so duly put it down on form . I had a phone call today to say could I go in and se the occupational health nurse - and when I checked on offer letter it says you only have to see nurse if they want to “clarify something”.

Surely they can’t retract the job offer because of my illness. I put that I had was 3 years post dx with no further problems!

Anyone know am really worried.

Love to all


Hi Alise

Don’t worry - I work for the NHS and they won’t turn you down because of BC unless they thought you would be at risk to yourself or to patients etc, so if for example, you were in the middle of chemo, they may be concerned. It is probably because they want more details of your treatment et and anything else you have put down on the list. If you are not on any treatment and not had any major health problems since, you should be OK and shouldn’t be turned down.

I was also worried but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. You will probably have about fifteen to twenty minutes discussion to make sure that you are fit to do the job you are being appointed to. They have to make reasonable adjustments for example I won’t carry anything heavy on my left arm so I’ve got a trolley to pull my papers along in.