Help finding my threads



I’m new, well an old returner. the forum has totally changes since I last used it. I posted last night and earlier today, and got some advice I’d like to re read, but can’t find my earlier threads.


Can anyone help please?

Hi, click on your name above your avatar and it will take you to your latest posts. Open and there they are. X

Hi Belinda   I am absolutely new to this forum, and computers not my best.  I have just been diagnosed with a cancer in my breast (never had anything before)  due in hospital on Monday 15th for Wide Excision and something to do with excision of nodes underarm? I am trying to use this site for info and chat to others and getting no where - I read from Belinda who couldnt find her “threads” - I have posted and havent a clue where they are! so thanks to your answer I will give it a go but where is name and what is an avatar!!! sorry to sound so stupid but I have got nowhere reading all the paperwork/booklets they give you I only got it on Wednesday and not sinking in as much as I would like.

Hi Amberstone. An avatar is the picture you selected when you set up the account. I think that is on the homepage when you first login. Your name is next to it. I think I clicked on that, as on mine, it wasn’t above as Belinda mentioned. It worked anyway. I know what you mean re using the site. I’d rather not, I’m not enjoying computers myself anymore, but you will get amazing support on here, I know I did 9 yrs ago when first diagnosed. I went on to meet and make true real life friends from that experience. Sadly I am now back. Just diagnosed with secondary bc. Good luck with the illness and the computer!