Help! Finding the position for rads really painful...

Am just about to go into week two of rads but am finding it really tough going - mainly because I find that the position they put you in with your arms above your head becomes really painful after a little while. I’m in complete agony by the end and finding it really hard not to move my arms.
The side where I had my masectomy/lymph node clearance is worse but I do have some pain in my good arm too so it must be a really unnatural position but I’m struggling to find anyone else who has experienced the same thing so maybe it’s just me!

Am trying various painkillers but so far so pants…they don’t seem to help. Have got plenty more sessions to get through and would really like to get this problem sorted. Any advice would be much appreciated otherwise I might be begging for morphine soon.


Hi there InShock, it was uncomfortable but I took some painkillers about a hour before my treatment to help me cope with the pain. I do have arthritis in my right shoulder so it was very uncomfortable. You must tell the radiographers you are experiencing this pain. They are there to help even if they come across as being busy. You should have had a review where you discuss how you are coping and experiencing any problems.
I was very anxious the first visit ended up with tears running down my face and not being able to move. Being so stressed did not helps as it increases the pain. My unit offered free complimentary therapies and I had a couple of reflexology sessions which helped so ask and see what they offer in the information unit which should be in your oncology unit.
You could also see your GP and explain the pain you are experiencing and see if he/ she can help with pain management. Don’ t feel you are wasting their time my practice have been brilliant. Best wishes , Katy.

Katy I experienced pain in my bad side but they adjusted the top support which allowed me to relax my arm much more. It didn’y effect the measurements as the bottom one is their guide. Ask them to move it until you feel more comfortable. I had my last radiotherapy session today. How many have you got left? Good luck. Vi

Hi Vi, I finished mine a couple of months go.Having side effects now which is affecting my lungs. Wheezing and cough but just finished ten days of steroids which have helped but noticed this am started feeling" chesty" again. I am seeing GP Tuesday. Not the weather for having problems with my chest!. Katy.