Help , going off my head, liver mets

Hi Ladies
Need some support to get me through the next few days. DX 1st April 03, 2cm grade 3 er+, WLI 1 node invloved. 3 fec , 3 tax, 33 rads and on tamoxifen.
Got taken into hospital 3 weeks ago with suspected gall stones, ultrasound sound was clr and liver showed nothing abnormal. Bloods ok. Saw onc who examined me said cld not feel liver but wanted to do ct to be sure. went today and now feel completly out of control.
Nurse could not get a vien to put in contrast but said they will get a good view anyway. They completed scan and then left me on the table for a good 10 mins. Asked me to wait outside, then a dr went in and then they said i cld go. I asked if all was ok and the nurse who had been chatting to me, did not even give me eye contact and me said the report will go straight to consultant.
I know we all get scared and a little paranoid but the look on her face has convinced there is bad news to come. I am so uncomfortable, pain and i can feel something under my right rib, not with my hand but internaly. pain in right shoulder as well.
Please someone tell me with clear bloods and clear ultrasound all will be well. dont see onc till next thursday
Regards julie x

I cant help you really as im a completely different cancer known as cancer of unknown primary treated as breast. Try not to panic and its awful when these things happen on a Friday and you cant get hold of breast care nurses etc.
Hopefully everything will be fine. Try ringing your breast care nurse on Monday and tell her how you feel. I know mine gave me an appointment to get my results sooner.
Best wishes.

I am so, so sorry for your stress. I had a ct scan for my liver before Christmas. I had nausea and elevated liver enzymes. My onc didn’t think it was mets, but only a scan could tell us. It was clear.

When I had the scan I deliberately did not ask or seek reassurance from the nurse, because I knew I would read too much into any reaction, if she was too nice, looked sympathetic, or too distant. They left me on the scanner for a long time. I don’t know why. They may be checking they got a good view, am not sure. The reality is they can’t tell us anything and we have to live our lives until the results. It is torture waiting. I don’t know anything about your symptoms or clear bloods. I really hope all is ok and another cause is found. Being in pain must be a constant reminder.

Also I would very much hope that, that is not the nurses reaction to bad news. It would be very unprofessional of her to give you bad news cues from her body language and leave u unsupported. That is one of the reasons oncs give us results, so that can explain them fully.
Take care