Help - got results today

Hi, I had lumpectomy and SNB last Wednesday and went back today for results. Surgeon told me I had good clear margins and nodes were clear. However the cancer was grade 3 (9 mm, hormone + and her2 -) and I may now need chemo. I am totally gutted, I so did not expect to be told this. I’ve to meet with the oncologist to discuss whether chemo would be of benefit to me. My understanding is it’s my decision?!?!?! I’m sure I read a post recently about someone in same position. My head is all over the place and I need some advice please

Hi Murphy
It is a shock when you finally get your results. Perhaps like you, I never thought that chemo was on the table and to hear that it was came as a bit of a shock. Suddenly there’s the possibility of a whole new scary process. I was also told by my surgeon and BCN that the decision was ultimately mine.

The oncologist explained to me that as I stood post surgery, there was a 1 in 3 chance of secondaries within 10 years. Hormone therapy would reduce this by a third… and chemo by a further third… bringing it down to a 1 in 10 chance. Given those statistics, it was a no brainer. No… I didn’t want to do it… but it would be foolish not to.

You’ll be given your own personal statistics and make your mind up from there. You can get a good idea of the statistics using the NHS Predict tool (just Google “NHS Predict tool” to find it) which might help you to start thinking about it. I used it before my appointment and it was pretty much what the oncologist told me although she said they use a different tool.

Hi Murphy 1963
It is an emotional decision, but if the oncologist tells you that chemo. may be beneficial if you decide not to have it and the c comes back down the line then you will kick yourself. Being realistic you deserve to give yourself the best possible advantage to beat cancer and do everything in your power to make sure it stays away . I had the same choice but after sleeping and crying a lot, the next day I decided to go for it! I start my chemo. shortly. Ultimately it is your decision, you must do what is right for you! speak to your breast care nurse or the breast cancer care helpline. Good Luck and Air Hugs

I have grade 3 and am going to take whatever I’m told is in my best interest. Yesterday I was asked if I wanted chemo first as this will shrink the cancer. The consultant said many women want the cancer cut out first but recommended chemo first hence my decision to go with what the professional say is best.

The breast nurse also said not to worry about the volumes of drugs as they only prescribe what the feel professionally is best.

Hard decisions for all us to make and you need to go with what is best for you.

I’m waiting to start chemo and wishing you good luck with whatever you decide.

Hey I was just the same as you and I had a choice about chemo I went for it as hard as it was especially losing my hair and sickness was a problem after my first blast of chemo but after that I had a syringe driver put in for 24 hours after chemo and felt fine. Chemo does take it out of you which is why my oncologist stop my chemo after 4 lots as It was dragging me down. Hair soon grows back and I dyed my after 2 months( they say 6 months) but I couldn’t wait. I am 3 years on now and only just starting to be myself again. I had a double mastectomy even though the tumour was only in one of my boobs. Had all my reconstruction which is amazing had my boobs made from my tummy and they also made me some new nipples. Good luck your be fine xx

Hi Murphy

so sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

It is scary to think of having the chemo…I hated losing my hair and eye lashes… but wigs and false eye lashes later I look the same.


I had FEC-T x 6 (3x FEC - 3X Tax)- I did not have one day of being sick……fantastic antisickness called emend was given one hour prior to each course of chemo and 2 days post… anti sickness tablets given to take home - but didn’t need them


It is scary but the chemo does not hurt…yes you feel rough for a few days…nothing specific just not yourself…and tired as the courses go on… but you recover and enjoy the rest of the time before the next session. The chemo is usually administered every 3 weeks…so the duration is 18 weeks if on 6 cycles


This site will support you… it is your decision at the end of the day…but it is worth the journey if you win the fight

Wishing you all the best

Donna xx

I have exactly the same as you.  Mine was stage 2, good clear margins and no lymph node involvement.  Like you I am HER2 positive and also hormone receptor positive.  I was given the option to do nothing or take herceptin and chemo.  This was a ‘no brainer’ for me and I decided I would take anything offered that would reduce the risk of cancer returning.

It’s all very scary so allow yourself to have a few melt downs, you’ll feel better after them.  I take the view that I am so lucky not to have cancer anymore and am taking all the steps I can to try and make sure it doesn’t return.  I Imagined how I would feel if it came back and I hadn’t done everything I could have.   It’s a belt and braces approach for me.

I started herceptin and docetaxel last Friday as I was accepted onto the SOLD trial.  It’s not nice and i have pains everywhere but am not being sick.  I’ve started a count down diary - 1 treatment down, 5 to go!

These forums have been a godsend to me to read.  Wishing everyone love during their journey.

Ade xx


Hi Twinks,

I was told that I wouldn’t need further treatment if I wasn’t HER2 and hormone receptor positive.  however, I was and this pesky little protein likes to make cancer cells.

Take all the advice you can get.

Ade xx

Hi, thank you all so much for your posts. I go to see oncologist on Tuesday to discuss whether to start chemo. Absolutely petrified at the thought of chemo but also petrified at the thought of not starting it. I have been reading through all the chemo monthly threads, don’t know if that was a good idea or not. Just want to know what’s in store for me and get on with it. Getting bored with all this, want my old life back :frowning:

Hi Murphy1963. I know everybody’s experience is personal to them but thought you may want to know that chemo is not always that bad! I was so stressed leading up to my first session - couldn’t even speak when I arrived at the hospital so hubbie had to book me in. I then burst into tears, was looked after brilliantly by the staff who made me feel at ease. Side effects nowhere near as bad as I feared and approaching my 2nd session this week much more positively. As I said, everybody is different and you have to do what’s right for you but chemo is doable! Good luck with your decision  making.