Help I have just be told I may have breast cancer - so scared

I am an older lady and no life won’t ever be the same I was going to have a new kitchen this year and was looking forward to doing a spring clean on the house and garden Well now that’s gone out the window I was so looking forward to the new kitchen I will just make do with the one I have now so sad but we all have to just get on with it and smile and hope for the best
Love to you all

Hi Elleode
How are you doing?
I got the results of my lumpectomy…I need more surgery as they did not get wide enough margin around the lump. However my lymph glands are clear. My next op is on May 10th…same day as my eldest son’s prom at school…won’t be there to see him off…but need to kick this cancer so what can I do??
Have told the kids now as have to face the radiotherapy and other stuff (hormone therapy) and need them to understand why I will be constantly running to hospital…a lot for them to take on board. Will is 15 and about to start his exams…Mikey is 13 and Immie 12.
Take good care Elleode. We are in this together.

Hi Elliode,
I think telling your children you have cancer is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, but they surprise you in how resilient they are.I am about to have my second cycle of FEC and have been absolutely fine, minimal side affects. My hair is on the verge of falling out, big hand falls, but my children and grandchildren are looking forward to seeing me bald and we laugh about it. On Monday I am taking my 12 year old daughter with me for my chemo, the reason is to put her mind at rest and to show her it’s not frightening.
LeT people help you, you will be surprised by how lovely people can be.
I find personally to try and be as positive as you can, it also helps all your loved ones.
Good luck

Hello - I haven’t posted on here much recently as I’ve finished my treatment and back to normal life - busy busy! I just wanted to tell you that I, like you, was absolutely terrified of the chemo as I have THE BIGGEST vomiting phobia but I can honestly say that although I felt sick I never actually was and the anti-sickness meds they give you before chemo and the steroids all help to keep sickness at bay. And after treatment try and drink as much water as you can - like 2 of those big bottles - it helps flush the nasties out.
Good luck and I’ll pop back to see how you are doing!

Hi eveyone
I have had the first chemo. Unfortunately I was sick that evening and iin the night and next day but I think it was a particular tablet that upset me as the very taste and smell of it makes me heave! I am doing ok now though and am up and about. I am quite tired but the nauseau has stopped now so that is good. Hopefully next time I may not be, it may have been all the shcok of it all. Scary how they put all that poison into your body but if it kills it all that’s fine by me. I have an MRI scan on Thursday so that will be a bit nerve racking waiting for the results I guess. I am going for a wig fititing next week with my sister in law. My youngest boy is funny he is quite facinated that I will have no hair soon! He has especially requested that I wear a hair cap during food preparation! Love to you all xx Sarah (Elleode)

thanks Jan x

Tell your oncology team about the nausea and any other side effects like heartburn. They should give you something to prevent it. For many of us “Emend” is the wonder drug for nausea, but it is expensive so usually not given in the UK unless it is demonstrably “needed”, ie you threw up!!!
Also many of us take Omeprazole for heartburn/reflux issues, but again it won’t be given as routine unless you ask for it.

Most chemo side effects should be managed easily by appropriate medications.

I’m glad you are on your way. You’ll get through this. xx

Hi Elleode - I too was really scared - it felt like it wasn’t actually happening to me - if you know what I mean. I discovered a lump Feb last year and went to a GP who was 100% that it was breast tissue and there was nothing to worry about - so I left it until beginning of February this year to go back and have it checked again, as I thought it had slightly increase in size. Saw my GP on the 25th who confirmed that I needed to be referred for biopsy etc. 8th March of I went with my husband to the hospital. I had mamogram and ultrasound scan. The doctor was concern about my lymphnode as it was slightly enlarged - it was then that I knew it probably was breast cancer. Had a biospy on both lump and lymphnode (which hurt). Week and half later saw consultant who confirmed my worst fears. The first thing that I thought of was my three daughters (18, 13 and 6). I didn’t want their security bubble to be burst. Had to have bone scan and ct scan which are part of the course. Thankfully they came back clear (was absolutely terrified waiting for the results). The consultant then decided that I should have an MRI scan as the mamogram wasn’t very clear (small breasts). So waiting for those results. It’s been three weeks so think they must be ok. I told both my older children together at the beginning of the easter hols. Thought that it would be ideal so they wouldn’t have to worry about school etc. They were in complete shock and were very upset. Thankfully we are all very close and open about things, so when they want to ask questions, they know I will tell them what ever they want to know. Told the rest of my family, who are devastated - will be seeing them this weekend, they live 85 miles away, they are desperate to see me, so hopefully they will be happy to know that I am OK. I had my first treatment three weeks ago - it was then when I decided to tell my youngest (because of my hair falling out etc). I just said that I had a lump in my booby and that I had to go to hospital for very strong injections which will make my hair go funny and I may feel tired. She’s was absolutely fine and hasn’t really said anything since. Bless her. I have been feeling ‘normal’ since having my first treatment. Have taken the anti-sickness tablets and have been drinking plenty. My hair has now decided to fall out but have a very convincing wig which I have been wearing and it’s not as scary as you think. Had second treatment yesterday - and I still feel very well. Good luck with everything and hope all goes well for you. Joanne xxxxx

Thank you I will ask about hte emend I have told them I have been sick so hopefully I can get it under control. Thanks for the support x

Thank you Joanne your story is so similar to mine - we are lucky that they can treat us but its just going to be hard to get through it all. One day at a time is the only way to deal with it isn’t it. All the very best of luck to you also - sarah xx

Hi Sarah - the one thing that my bcc nurse drummed into me was to take each day at a time and to remain positive. We’ve also made a pact at home not to allow it to take over our lives - we don’t talk about it every day and if we do it’s only a quick conversation. We all try to carry on as normal as possible. I found it really hard at the beginning to even think out being happy - but now my treatment has started the positivity has increased - I know there will be low days, but hopefully there will be more high days. Even though having the acutal treatment is not a very nice experience (it does make me feel rather sick and light headed) I felt happy about going for my 2nd, as I knew it was one step further in the right direction. xxx

  • Joanne 1970 I had all the tests you had and a week later I was called back as my ct scan showed up something they are not sure what it is but it is borderline so I have to see another consultant I have already seen two which I did not like so I am going to see another soon you were lucky all your tests came back clear
  • I had my mastectomy in April so it looks like another op for me still I just keep plodding along each day and have a positive outlook on life all the best to every lady on here