Help i now have Mastytas

Hi everyone.

Is there anyone out there who got Mastytas after having a Lumpectomy.
Had the op 9 days ago and had to go back to the hosptial last night as a emergancy. I now have antibiotics but last night hot, brown fluide poured from my wound(sorry to be so graphic) for about 40 minutes. Took the pressure off for a while but it seems to be building up again.

Just wondered if ther was anyone out ther who had the same expereince and has any good advice

Am returning to hospital on the 11th for finale result of biopsie done on the lump

Lynne (Spain)

Hi there,
Not quite sure what Mastytas is but my boob swelled up enormously after WLE and kept leaking fluid for about a fortnight. The surgon kept a close check on it and in the end used a syrringe to go back into the scar and drain off more stuff and then prescribed antibiotics. Yours sounds quite nasty - keep taking the antibiotics and if it gets hot or you get a temperature go back to the hospital A & E - don’t be afraid to make a fuss! Not sure if you will be having chemo but i know an infection would probably delay it. Hope it all sorts itself out soon

Do you mean mastitis, that you get when breast-feeding? Is that the same as this post-op infection? Maybe someone knows the answer. There was a recent post about ‘strange gurgling sounds’ from a lady who had lots of fluid building up in her operation site. it’s probably still here if you searched for it.
Wishing you all the best, and take good care of yourself

I had a WLE 9 days ago and auxillary clearance , my arm pit is now really swollen , i had it drained off yesterday and it filled up again after 1 hour. my breast nurse said to try and leave it to see if it drains ? should i sit and wait it out ?

Hi everyone

Yes sorry did mean Mastitis, since ive lived here and hardly write in English anymore i tend to spell things like Spanish sounding way.

My boob is now constantly leaking and have now had to put paper towel under to catch the fluid. Nice!!!

To galen

Not sure if you should leave it maybe you could speak to your nurse again tomorrow and tell her your concerned and see if they offer to drain it again. Is it leaking on its own or is the fluid just building up?

Putting a hot shower on mine seems to take the pressure of slightley maybe you can find out if you can do that.

To caroline

Not sure if i have to hav chemo going for last biopsie report on the 11th told that maybe possible rads only i will just have to wait and see

Thanks for all your help. All your advice has really been helpfull. Thanks

Lynne x x

Just a wee note to add - my BCN advised that unless the swelling was extreme or uncomfortable, it should be left for the body to re-absorb the fluid, as continual draining means that body doesn’t learn to deal with it?

Margaret x

Hi Lynne,

I had problems with the wounds leaking, but my BCN put a bag on both wounds (where lump was removed and also lymph nodes) and it collected the fluid. I was able to empty them myself - just into the loo! I did have to get her to aspirate the wounds a couple of times, but it was totally painless, as the whole area was completely numb. Once the amount of fluid draining reduced, after 3-4 weeks post op, we did away with them and I had a dressing on. It eventually healed fine and that seems like a lifetime away… 6 months ago… I’m sure it will just take time, but you’ll get there.
Keep smiling…

Hi magz & alis

Today the swelling is going down a bit but still very red. The swelling seems to get worse when i have a bra on but i need to wear a bra as if i dont the pain in my wound seems more painfull. The hospital have already put me on Augamentine 875mg 3 times a day. These are causing havoc with my stomach giving me awfull cramps. Im really worried that the constant leaking from my wound will stop the wound from healing but i cant stop the leaking. Have to return to the hospital on the 11th to see the consultant so hopefully will get some more advice then.

Thanks again for all your reassurance

Much appreciated