Help! I'm so scared, lumps in armpit

I’ve been having pain in my breast from my breastbone to my left arm and I found lumps in my armpit. I have been refered to the breast clinic in 2 weeks. I’m just scared because if it is cancer it’s already spread to my lymph nodes :frowning: I’m 43 and my youngest is just 6. I am trying to be possitive but I have a real fear that this is it, I’ve even started to finished this off and plan to make photo albums… Why is 2 weeks so long???

Hi Salbal

Yes the waiting is awful - absolutely dreadful.  It’s really hard not knowing and thinking the worst but it doesn’t mean it’s cancer at all.  Lymph nodes come up and go down for all kinds of reasons.  I remember once finding a whole load in my neck and thought OMG what on earth.  Anyway it turned out I had glandular fever even though I didn’t really feel ill (although I had been ill some while back).  A blood test showed it up though.  Anyway - time will go - it just feels like it drags forever.  There are unfortunately lots of people in this situation and I’m sure some will come along and chat with you soon.

Hoping all will be okay with you.



Thanks for the replies.
I just can’t help worrying as I have been feeling off for a while and been to the drs too much… And been fobed off with other things like acid and even put on beta blockers for my eptopic heartbeat and anxiety, which made me feel worse so I’m off those now… Every time I went I told them about a pain on my breastbone and it was always thought it was something else. Then I noticed lumps in my armpit which are aching and my arm is bigger than my other one. I googled and it’s not looking good…

Hi Salbal
I too am doing the 2 week wait at the moment (appointment 20th), it feels like forever.
I found a lump last week in right breast and doctor doesn’t think it’s a cyst although it is quite tender and mobile.
I know how you are feeling, the lump is the first thing i think about in morning and last thing i think about at night. Dreadfully worried but that is normal i would think for anyone.

Try and keep busy
Thinking of you

Well I’ve waited 2 weeks and have my appointment today. I have been in total panic but now I’m ready to face whatever I need to… Still a little scared though…

Hi salbal.Hope you got on ok at the appointment least u will now have sum answers.I’m waiting for my appointment,it’s on the 26th n the wait has been horrendous,it will be 5 wk since I went to the Dr when I actually get seen cos there was a mess up with my refferal!! I really hope u got some good news today.Mel x