I am having problems finding the live chat. How do i get in the chat room. I have always followed a link left by the moderator before but I cant find it and I am lost.

Please help

Go ‘Support For You’ tab across the top, then click Live Chat on left-hand side then its something on bottom right (I think!)


Phew…I am in…Thank you

Hello… I’m trying to join the live chat too (first time) cannot for the life of me figure out how to get in! Help!

I have been trying to get into live chat for 10 mins now and it won’t let me in!!! Usually during the winter months I can’t chat because I live in the USA and am at work. Today our schools had an early dismissal due to snow and was excited I would be able to chat, but can’t enter. GRRRRRRRRRR!!! Funnyface

looks like same problem as last week funnyface!! No room at the inn. They said they lock the door if there are too many people. Doesnt it make you want to spit! I must confess I am really fed up. I don’t see how this helps any of us.

Hi Humphr

If you go to the homepage via ‘Support for you’ you can access live chat this way, just follow the instructions from there

Best wishes

No good giving newbies instructions lucy then shutting the door in their face!

Yes Dawn, I was upset!!! The only day I could chat since summer and I can’t get in!! We should all be allowed in!!

Mmm I think it might be a case of no room at the inn! Oh well. I’ll watch Mistresses instead and hopefully speak to you all next week!

Hi all

I’m very sorry about this but we do have limited capacity in live chat and at the moment it is full. I will pass your comments on of course.

Best wishes

Lucy, Thanks for your reply. Maybe the message could be changed when chat is full to let people know that it is full. I thought it was something I was doing wrong. Funnyface

I got locked out as well… :o(

frustrating isnt it?

So we all know what we missed - how many constitutes a full room?

May we know how many constitutes a full room?

Did a lot of people not get into the chat tonight? I tried for ages and even the website would not let me sign in. Is there any chance of a second one this week?

Hi All

Think the most on last night was about 10, and then few dropped out during the time and the last 20 mins were about 6 or 7.


Hi all

I was on live chat last night as well - think it was never above 10 as Dawn says but fewer towards the end. Someone asked the question at the beginning of the session about whether the no would be limited after the same happened last week. I feel almost guilty (know it’s illogical as we didn’t know!!) that we were in there chatting when there were people like you funnyface who couldn’t get in (particularly when you aren’t able to join in every week).

It would be really good if we could get a definite answer to this and why it is necessary to impose a limit (I think someone posted saying that there are often more people chatting in the other (non-secondaries) chatroom). That limit in my view should be well publicised and the right message posted when someone can’t then enter the chatroom.

Could someone from BCC please comment?

Thanks Kay

Hi all,

I will pass all of your comments on to the team who organise live chat for there information when determining future policy for these sessions.

Best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Sam I would ask that this is dealt with as a matter of urgency and not kept until ‘future policies are determined’. There are women here who might not even be around by the time you do that!! To have the have availability of a LiveChat session once a week and then be denied access over the past 2 weeks is dreadful. You offer so little on this site in the way of contact outside posting here, that to lose the use of this one means of contact is is a poor show. I don’t know how many members there are here with secondaries but to have a chat session once a week were it would appear that no more than 10 people are allowed to be in at any one time is totally inadequate for a site of this size, funding and reputation. Are the mod & nurse afraid of a riot! A simple means of communicating when there are more in is to just ask the members if their convo is directed at one person - to use their name. The software itself certainly needs looking at as the timelag itself causes confusion.

Surely until you have sorted this problem out it is better to allow full access.