Help me please re lumps post reduction

Hi, I had a reduction 15 months ago and also had a biopsy. Everything came back clear. I had very big, saggy boobs before the reduction but now they are pert.

Last week I felt a small lump (it’s hard and squashy at the same time) by my left nipple and when I went to the docs he confirmed it (blood drained from my face). He also said I have two more in the right breast on the side where there is more tissue.

He said they felt like cysts but has put me forward for a mammo. I don’t understand how in just over a year something that was clear can now cause this to be perhaps a cancerous lump - anyones opinion greatly appreciated. thanks

Hi nayia37

Whilst you are waitng for the other forum users to reply with their support and advice you might find it useful to go to

This explains about changes in the breast and breast awareness.

I hope you find it helpful.

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Sam (BCC Facilitator)

i guess in a year things can quite easily change. i was fine then a couple of weeks into taking the contraceptive pill i had bleeding and all sorts. it can be due to changes in hormones at diff times of life, or these things just happn. at least ur getting it checkdout. if u have lots of little lumps its unlikely to be cancer and esp if its in both breasts so i wouldnt worry toooo much. x