Help Needed Re:- Daughter's MMR Booster Immunisation

I have so far had two courses of Docetaxol and Cyclophosphomide which has now stopped and been replaced with 12 weekly courses of Paclitaxol which started today. My daughter was due her MMR Booster yesterday alongwith another pre school immunisation. She had the pre school one as the nurses know for sure that that is not a live vacccine so no danger. The MMR booster however is live so they didn’t allow her to have that until we find out if it poses a danger to me.

I know when my son was on chemo my baby was fine to have the polio immunisation as that too is not a live vaccine so that fits with what the nurses at the GP practice have said and done so far and they were going away to research the MMR. I asked the nurse at the hospital today when I was having my chemo and she didn’t know either but has asked their pharmacist to look into it too but I was just wondering whether anyone on here or anyone from BCC has any knowledge or experience of their own.

Thanks in advance.

Love San


Hi San,

While you’re waiting for your fellow forum users to reply to you question, here is a link to BCC’s online Ask the Nurse Service which might be useful, here is the link:

Please do also remember that Breast Cancer Care’s confidential helpline is here for you, offering support and information. Calls to the helpline are free, lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am - 2pm, telephone 0808 800 6000.

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Cancer Research’s website says there is no risk at all from being in contact with a child who has had pre-school boosters while you are having chemo.

The full article is here:

It is only live vaccines given by mouth (rather than by injection) that can pose a risk and they aren’t used in the UK anymore.



Thank you so much for that Linda. It is extremely helpful. Wish I’d had your common sense to just google it, lol, blame it on the chemo I say!!!

Thanks again.

Love San.


You’re welcome. I saw your post and remembered reading something about vaccines and chemo earlier today so I just had to trawl back through my browsing history to find it. Glad I could help!