Help, new here. On anastrozole, neck and arm hurt fingers tingling, any ideas?

Hi everyone,


I’ve been reading the strands and you look like such a friendly bunch I thought I’d brave it and join in.


I’m five years out from grade IIIb er+ Her2+++ Had WLE and ANC, Chemo, Rads and Herceptin, tamoxifen(didn’t agree with me) and now on anastrozole. I was 45 at diagnosis.


VERY happy to be here, alive and if not quite kicking yet getting there and for me the choice between side effects and life is easy, I chose life every time so will ride out side effects.  Anastrozle is a fun one eh? the hot flushes are do-able, just can’t figure out why they don’t happen when it is -2C out!  The fatigue, well I just parcel up the energy packets for when I want to have more fun, the aches and pains all manageable even if I walk round town as slow as my mum (means we get to enjoy each others company more)


BUT - I have a new pain - well new-ish in my neck and “toothache” down my arm, and tingling in my first fingers and thumbs.  Total honesty - this is freaking me out a tad - anyone else had this?  


GP sent me home with a leaflet about “non-specific neck pain”  Do I go back and ask for an xray?, physio? 


Aaarrrgh, it is all a bit nuts making really and since I was already a bit nuts I  am not sure I can afford to go any further! :slight_smile:


Look forward to hearing from any of you who can talk some sense for me.


Cheers one and all

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good, honest support from the many informed users of this site.

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 Jo, Moderator

Just a thought - I’m on anastrozole, and 3 months ago developed some funny pain in my arm and hand. I thought it might be cording like I had after surgery, so rang the BC nurse at the clinic. She asked me to call in cos she thought it sounded like lymphodema starting up - ARGGGGH!!! She showed  me a gentle massage/stroking technique, a few minutes each day and it’s great. The pain was a sort of prickling, a bit like nettle rash.

Worth a thought anyhow


Hi Ali- Been sounds similar to me. See another post on here about different makes of Anastrazole - I have just posted about Bihar yoga helping with s/es of Anastrazole. Your neck pain may be cervical spondylitis, which is general wear & tear really but gives me symptoms much as you describe. Physio certainly helped me, as does the yoga. When it is really bad, nothing really touches it as the shooting pains are so strong down my arm, but overall I am managing it now just with yoga and painkillers. Maybe you could discuss with your GP and see if you could get referred for physio?
All best to you xxxx