HELP - Orange rash/puckering?

Hi Ladies

I am 25, originally found a large lump in my right breast 12 months ago, and was referred to the breast clinic. After ultrasound it was concluded that it was ‘probably’ a cyst but no biopsy was done because it was deemed too close my my breast implant (I had corrective surgery 2 years ago for tuberous breasts). The lump seemed to disappear of its own accord so that was that.

Last week I suddenly noticed an orangey couloured rash/ puckering on the same breast by the edge of my nipple. I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that this is something more sinister.

Has anyone ever had anything similar? I am struggling to get an appointment with my GP at the minute.

Absoluetly any feedback would be much appreciated.


Jaimie x

Hi jamie do you have a nurse in your surgey see her thats what i did i had an appointment at the hospital within the week good luck

Managed to get an appointment this afternoon - Dr took measurements (8mm) and more or less said he isn’t worried…Hasn’t really put my mind at rest but I suppose I will just have to keep an eye on it :frowning:

What did your nurse say Elaine - did you have something similar?