HELP ovarian crust removal this week

Hi ladies,

I am meeting my oncologist for the first time next week to discuss my radio & chemo schedule. I had surgery last week, and this week my doctor has suggested to go ahead with one of the fertility preservation techniques. What has been put on the table is to have part of the ovarian crust removed with lamparoscopic surgery and frozen. I had a brief appaointment with the Fertily unit who would do this, and I’ll have a second appointment tomorrow. It is very likely I’ll be getting the surgery the day after tomorrow, but I am very concerned about it.

My doctor has been fantastic all the way, from the moment he told me about the disgnosis, preparing me for the surgery, during the surgery… but I wonder if I’ve been given enough information at the stage I’m going through now pre-treatment and the fertility techniques. I mentioned Zoladex to him today but he said I should ask any questions I may have about it to the fertility clinic I’m going to tomorrow, not him. However, I am going there already to prepare for the surgery this week, not to discuss which method I should go for anymore…

So, my concern is - should I ask for more information tomorrow before going ahead with this surgery? Should I trust my super professional doctor and still go ahead with this technique? If anyone has any sort of advice or experience on this, it would be of great help. I’m stressing out over this even more than I did over the surgery. I am 29, by the way, in case it made any difference.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance. Sending lots of Monday huggles for everyone.

Carmy xxx

Hi carmy

Could I suggest that you give the helpline here a ring where I am sure they will be able to support you with this. Lines are open now, calls are free, 0808 800 6000

Take care
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Carmy

I am lapping up the Monday huggle, thank you, really need it today as having a very down day :frowning:

If it were me honey and I’m sure I will be in your position soon enough, I would want to know all the options open to me before I did anything. I would definitely ask all the questions you have at your appointment tomorrow, that is what they are there for. This is a big thing and you want to make sure you get it right.

Let me know how you get on and I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Namar82 xxx

Hi Jo,

Thanks a lot for your message. I would give the helpline a ring for sure, but I am located in Spain at the moment, so maybe it is not possible. I’ll check if we’ve got something similar over here (couldn’t find a website with as many great resources as this one, though).


Thanks, sweetie. You’re right, I need to ask all the questions I have tomorrow and then only if I’m at rest with it I’ll go ahead with it. I’ve got the agreement I gotta sign here and in the checklist there’s some items I haven’t been informed about yet and should have.

I’m sorry you are not having a good day today. Get yourself a warm cup of your favourite tea or coffee, maybe watch your favourite show or movie. Or it might be the day to go with your husband some place you like. Getting out of the house usually helps me on bad days. I’m sending you a big big hug.

Hi Natalie

Here’s the BCC overseas helpline number so that you can call for support and information from our team:

(+44) 2076 200 077 (open UK time 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat)

Best wishes


I would ask about the Zoladex anyway, as you might be able to have it as well as the ovarian tissue preservation. It could mean that it protects the ovarian tissue that remains and could mean that you can retain your fertility.

I was 34 on diagnosis and I had eggs harvested an frozen before my chemo, however my periods stopped for less than 3 months at the very end of chemo.

I discussed Zoladex with my consultant, but he said it was unproven, I believe there is an ongoing cancer research uk study into it, but the results aren’t out yet.

Hope all goes well tomorrow


Lucy, thanks a lot for the number to call overseas! Do you know by any chance if it’s also free? I might call just as well, but if it was then even better, hehe.

Jen, thanks for the info on Zodalex, I really don’t know much about it at all. I’ll do as you suggest and definitely ask about it tomorrow. My doctor didn’t seem to know about it but at the fertility unit they should. Thanks a lot for the good wishes for tomorrow. Hope yours is a good Tuesday too.