help please feeling yucky

Finished rads a couple of months ago, been taking tamoxifen 4 months and for the first time since all this started I actually feel ill. Went to the docs, had blood tests all came back satisfactory. Have another appointment tomorrow so am thinking is it the tamoxifen? I have nausea don’t feel like eating, though am eating, feeling kinda dizzy and am staggering when walking, feel jittery, am having headaches and energy levels are very low. Went to the library today ten minute walk, came home and went to bed slept for over two hours, what’s going on?? Does anyone else feel the same? Been feeling like this for around 3 weeks and I’m not getting any better. Please help just need a little reassurance until 3 weeks ago was feeling fine just usual ups and downs but nothing like this many thanks x x

I hate tamoxifen!!! It turned me into a crazed nutcase, so I can certainly sympathise with you. I have been taken off it while I have my chemo, but dread the return of it January!

I hope things start to settle for you soon.


thank you stargazerlily, just looked at your post hope you are feeling better soon lots of hugs x x

Thanks Katy, the flippin joys of cancer and all the side effects to the treatments!!! lol It never rains does it lol

big hugs to you.


So sorry you are feeling so rotten. I have been on tamoxifen since October 09 and when I first took it I felt really dizzy and had a feeling of nausea.This seems to be a rarer side effect and at the time I couldn’t find many people who had felt like this. But you are not alone, I felt really poorly but it went away in the end. Now all I have are hot flushes!!!

Thank you bubblyone you have put my mind at rest, went to docs and have slightly raised blood sugar levels, so some more tests and anti sickness tablets hope this does the trick. I am not being sick but have constant nausea can you remember bubblyone how long this lasted? I’ve had other side effects but they have only lasted for a couple of days apart from the hot flushes but even they are calming down a bit. many thanks xx