Help please with sick pay entitlement!

I don’t know if anyone can help with my query but here goes!
I was dx on 6th dec and have been off work since, today I found out that I am only entitled to 4 mths sick pay. I have been with my company for 9 years and had an excellent sick record!
However I know the 4 mths full pay is good but so far they said I get 88 days as at nov I had 72 and since then I’ve used another 25 and just got another sick note for another 10 so that leaves me with 37 days till April as its rolling apparently.
I’m gutted because there is only my wage coming in my partner is a househusband because it was cheaper to leave work than pay for childrcare and so we only get my money and some tax credit which we barely manage to live on now!
I don’t get housing benefit or anything else don’t know what we are going to do! Its bad enough I have cancer now I’m worried we won’t have any money to feed the children or pay the bills.
Any advice would be good!
Love Fran

Hi Fran

The extra worry about money is just what we dont need when going through treatment for cancer. I get 3 months full pay and then 3 months half pay and this runs out in a few weeks, so I have been on half pay for nearly 3 months, my partner is retired and has a small private pension which means we are just above the level for benefits. You will be entitled to SSP for six months so this will continue after your full pay. Have you got a HR department you could talk too? You need to be careful about the rolling year and how this will affect any future sickness. If I go off sick within 1 year of going back then I will not be entitled to the full 3 months full pay and 3 months half pay. Hopefully I am going back next week so will at least be back part time before my sick pay runs out.

Macmillan have benefits advisors, who were really good when I spoke to them, maybe its worth giving them a call or talking to your BCN to be put in contact


Hi Anne, so you get half pay aswell I don’t know about that they just sent me a table of how it works and there was no mention of half pay! Just gutted all those years of not taking sick meant nothing!
So Does ssp only start when your pay stops? Or can you get that when you are on half payto top it up? I only get just over 1k a mth which is nothing for 4 people to live on but tax credits pay for shopping!
I haven’t even spoken to my bcn since before xmas! She hasn’t rung me but I might ring her and see if she can help!
Thanks for the advice appreciate it!
Love fran xx

Hi Fran

As Anne mentioned in her post Macmillan offer advice and information on financial issues. The number to call them on is 0808 808 00 00 and the weblink for further detail is:-

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Thanks Sam I’ll try them tomorrow I’m just waiting for it to be clarified from work!
Just can’t believe it, I mean we barely scrape by every month. But this news has just knocked me down again and I’m still waiting to hear about my results!I’m Not in a good place tonight!
Love fran

Hi Fran

SSP starts when you first go on sick leave, its £81.60 a week and if you earn more than this you wont see any difference in your take home pay.

Hope you get some clarification soon


Hi Fran

It’s just a thought but have you checked to see if you have any critical illness insurance at all? If you have you should try claiming on that.

I hope you get something sorted soon, try not to worry too much.


Depending on how long you expect to be off work and how ill you are feeling (and can reasonably predict to feel in the near future, based on your treatment plan) and also on the age(s) of your child(ren), is there any choice about you becoming the house-parent (maybe temporarily) while you are off and letting your partner register as employable to claim benefits? Might you get more that way? I think if you’re talking to Macmillan (they are great!) they could also help you explore that option, even if only to reject it. Your partner might be able to claim to be your “carer” (some carers get state benefits) if treatment leaves you really whacked out. Being unable to care effectively for your child might be a useful marker of needing a carer yourself, even if it’s not a role you have chosen before now.

It’s just an alternative way of looking at it: if you are both at home anyway, and IF one of you needs to stay home, who would gain more by being designated as (nominally at least!) the one willing ready and able to go out? You did have an arrangement, but cancer changes lots of things and it may no longer serve your purposes best
to continue as before. Sometimes changing the thinking is the hardest part - a bit like when my Dad revolutionised our Christmas afternoon by quitting trundling out the best china and glassware in favour of paper plates and a big black bin-bag! Mum was horrified - until she realised nobody had to wash up!

Wishing you the best of luck - you don’t need this hassle when you’re dealing with major illness.

Hello Hymil,
I’ve never thought of it like that! He has been the househusband for the past year and we found out he was entitled to 6 months contribution based benefits so he has had that now and cant get anything. He had planned to try and get a job in january when our youngest started nursery but that has fallen by the wayside whilst we are dealing with this.
I looked at the carer option but it says you can only get a carers allowance if i’m on disability benefit…which I’m not. I’ve had a snb and wle in dec well 2 weeks ago, so i’m still a bit sore but not too bad. I’m waiting on the results to see if i need another op or if not 6 chemos followed by 3 weeks of rad and then 5 years of tamoxifen…so not great but thats what i have to do.
I’m just so worried about it all now on top of everything else.
Plus my OH suffers with depression so me with cancer then the lack of money is not helping anyone!..
But thanks for replying i appreciate it.


hi fran, sorry you have this worry now.

i dont understand if you are entitled to 4 months full pay, what this 88 days things is they have said. do you work full time.

TTM xxx

Hello TTM,
Basically when they works out sick pay they work it out in days so i’ve had 16 days off since April last year, however that doesnt take into account the last 5 weeks i’ve been off and now been given anotehr two so that makes it 35 days in total which means I’m left with 37 days,I work for a company called remploy. THey are governement funded company who support the disabled into work, you would think they would be more understanding but no apparently not. Also the rolling means that because this sick started in December i will not qualify for anymore sick pay until next December…So I’m gutted…going to have to see what we can do tomorrow, I’ll make some calls and see what they say. My manager did say that i might be able to work from home but i doubt it they arent that flexible with me, with other staff yes but not me…
How are you doing today? I was doing so good and feeling ok and then this…xx

i have spoke to helpline and they have sent me some booklets about the employ charter. it basically tells you about what your rights with this BC. they said that citizens advice would be clued up on this type of thing and also macmillan website has a few pages on it. we are covered under some act which came in which your employer should hopefully try and help you with the work situation and it included about requesting to work from home or altering your hours and things. it also said that it covers your parter if they are caring for you during your treatment and need to changing their work pattern or change hours to attend appointments and other caring aspects. this was main reason i got it for my OH to look it to.

the macmillan website is very good as well and covers this particular area.

why dont you ring the helpline tomorrow about it.

dont forget if you have to take medication because of BC your perscriptions will be free. you have to fill out an exemption form from GP.

its just one thing after another and we dont need it do we.
TTM xx

I know you are right! Its just not good…but I’ll make some calls tomorrow and find out what I’m entitled to and see how we get on from there…Thanks I’ll keep you posted…
Oh btw My son slept all night last night and didnt wake up, we are hoping for the same tonight…
I’m off to bed now I’m exhausted with it all.xx

hope you all get a goods night sleep. let me know how get on tomorrow with the phone calls. they will be able to explain it better then me on the helpline.

lots of love TTM xxx

Hi there leeds39

Here’s the link to the page on our site with the information regarding the Employ Charter, you might find some information in there which will help.

Also, do call the Helpline when they open today at 9am. They should be able to explain things for you and direct you to other sources of help and support.

They’re on 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes


Hi, I was only entitled to 4 weeks’ sick pay a year (and no half-pay) and I had already had 2 weeks off previously with a hospital in-stay due to my Crohn’s.

However, my HR department agreed to pay me full pay for a couple of months as a concession and that was very welcome. Worth asking!

I’ve been unwaged since except for SSP.

Hi Fran
ide been with a really good company as a manager for years , it was hard work but good job with good pay , my grown up children however wernt happy about me working long hours and that i didnt see much of them, so after a lot of thinking , in june 2011 i changed jobs and decided to work for a smaller company , smaller store and a lot less pay but thought in the grand scheme of things it was worth it.

I started working for them in June , became ill in july , went sick in August , first time in donkeys years andwas diagnosed in August .

Had MX surgery in September .

My new bosses however were quick to point out that i handnt been them long enough to be entitled to any pay and that i would only recieve £82 per week SSP.

I live on my own and i have been every where and have rang every number i have been given to try and explain my situation but as yet nothing .

Hind sight is a wonderfull thing isnt it and all the if onlys wont make any difference now but sometimes i do get angry with myself for listening to much to other people , some times our children have a knack of meking us feel guilty for whatever reason .

Well good old £82 per week , some weeks i pay my bills , some weeks i buy food .
I dont live at the moment , i survive and hope that ond day in the not to distant future my little body will once again carry me back to work and maybe just maybe all this girls will be a distant memory .

I hope you get sorted Fran and i hope your company treats you with a lot more compassion than mine did .

Oh and my Sons And Daughter , i dont see a lot of them really , there all busy working full time and dont get round much ,

Love Jackie

I got nothing after ssp finished last summer. Going to work is my only solution.

I could have had 6 months full pay and then on to half pay but went into work in between chemo’s which stopped the clock on sick pay and pushed back the date when would have gone on to half pay and in the end I didn’t use up the 6 months!!! But did only go in part time may be worth seeing if that would be the same for you? Am now on phased return and still receiving full pay!

I used to have a very well paid but highly stressful job, I packed it in and had a year off work. I then got a part time job in a garden centre - which was totally stress free but boring, I then started with another company in February of last year, I was just out of the 3 month probationary period when I found the lump was dx at end of May and haven’t worked since. I got 3 months full pay from work and then SSP for 28 weeks - this finished at the end of December and I have just applied for contribution based ESA.

Having cancer is bad enough without adding money worries into the equation!