help please .

Just finished my 3rd fec last thursday doing well thank goodness but lft levels keep rising have to have a ct scan before starting 3x tax have any of you ladies had this problem . Please help very anxious and scared . Love tri . X

Hi tri well done for getting to fec with no problems sorry going bit mad what’s lft levels? I’ve just finished 6 fec so don’t know much. But we have a monthly thread which is great for running things by and getting support its November newbies maybe put a thread on there as many are just starting to this week xx Tracy

Sorry predictive text! Starting T this week! Xxx

Hi its the liver function test they keep coming back raised but all other bloods normal they told me I have to have a ct or they wont continue with the chemo I am so scared . X

Hi Tri, it’s normal for the lft to rise during chemo, your liver is trying to deal with the chemo toxins. I’m going through chemo and always drink 1/2 squeezed lemon in warm water every day, it helps with the liver function. You can google lemon juice and see the advantages. Sometimes people get fatty liver which also raises the ALT results and this will be why they want to do the ct scan, just to check the livers ok.

Try not to worry, it’s standard policy when ALT has been raised for a couple of chemo sessions.

Good luck and stay positive

Tracy XXX

Thank you for your help and advice will give that a try . Had a rough night mind in overdrive . Love tri x

Hi I had this during my chemo had ct scan all clear and was able to continue with Tax. Lfts have remained elevated but G.P doesn’t think it is anything to worry about. Hope all goes well for your next chemo.

Thank you . Fingers crossed . X x

Thanks everyone ct scan clear so hopefully can carry on with treatment now . X