Help! Red pinpricks rash 7 months after RT

Hi all

I’ve had 20 sessions of Rt which ended in May’14. I’ve experienced some fibrosis but it did settle down over the last couple of months and had very little skin reaction.

I’ve woken up this morning with a swollen, tender breast and discovered what looks like a thumb size bruise/broken blood vessels. The pinpricks have become more visible and now they’ve appeared under my breast.

I’ve emailed my BC nurse who has passed on the message to my Onc.

Has anyone had anything similar? Xx

Bringing this to the top for NushyC

Jo, Moderator

Just a thought, have you changed your shampoo, hair products, shower/skin products or clothes washing powder? I’m a few months post end of radio and my skin is still v sensitive and feels itchy sometimes. But not red like yours. I’ve just been using palmers coconut oil on it which seems to help (can hardly see scar now anyway).
I’ve not ventured back onto hair products besides conditioner for post radio skin sensitivity reasons.
Good that you have mentioned it to the onc since best to check. Hope it’s calming down