How long ago did you finish treatment?

is it you that doesn’t fancy or the OH?

I have posted this on behalf of new user Kate, sorry Juddiv as it now comes after your reply!

I finished Tamoxifan after 5 years in July, had chemo, mascetomy the lot

I was hoping that my sex life would return, but is still hurts and still v low libio, i love my husband more than anything in the world and he is so understanding, i think he has even got used to not having sex. But I am only 37 and I want life to resume as normal, like it was before.

Is there anyone out there that feels the same way, has any hints and tips??? was it the cancer thats done this???


Hi Kate,

I can’t give you any advice personally here but if you put the word sylk into the search box and select comments there are so many threads on this subject you may find it helpful to have a read.


I am now post menopausal at 46, my periods stopped last year with the first cycle of FEC. I have had no libido since. I am on Herceptin until next May and start a new job in Jan, so I’m very much putting my life back together. The one thing that’s bothering me is the libido thing as I’ve been with OH for 23 years. My onc has suggested a very low dose of testoterone to kick start things and was writing to my GP about it. I see my GP tomorrow about being signed off so hope to discuss it then. I’m not under any pressure from my OH, but he admitted at the weekend he misses being close.

I’ve got a bottle of Sylk but haven’t opened it yet.

There’s also a newish product called ‘yes, yes,yes’ and yes, it’s true! If you google (edited by moderator)you should come up with the info - our breast care nurses told us about it at our support group and one woman was our guinea pig and she said she preferred it to Sylk.

No personal experience though of either.


you can also get a product called Replens on prescription which is quite a good lubricant and it also keeps your insides nice and clean


Just checked the website Pinkdove and that Yes product sounds great: organic, hormone and paraben free! I’m definitely gonna give it a try. I have experienced some vaginal dryness since starting zoladex injections and tamoxifen.

Teacup xx

Glad that I could be of help Teacup!!



I have used yes. They do two products, one water based and one oil based. I ordered the water based and received a sample of the oil based as well, plus it was next day delivery.


Just wondering did both products get your approval Diane ; )

Teacup x


Unfortunately not tried both yet :slight_smile: