Help - Skin Mets


I am currently recieving chemo for regional recurrance and have skin mets. Wondered if there was anyone who had any advice on how to treat skin mets as theses are on my reconstructed breast and are painful and getting me down more than the chemo etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Suzi x

Hi Suzi,

I’m sorry to hear that the mets are getting you down. I’m afraid I don’t have any advice on how to treat them, apart from the chemo of course, but I really hope that things start to improve for you soon.

Best wishes, LR x

Really sorry about your skin mets. Could you tell your onc and/or breast care nurse about your problem and ask about how to manage them.

I have a regional recurrence in neck, chest wall etc and recently have got a red scabby area near my mastectomy scar. My doctors also aren’t much interested in them and are far more interested in getting the regional cancer under control.

Hope you can get better advice than you have been getting.

Jane x

Hi Suzi
could do with some answers myself. i had grade 3 aggressive BC diagnosed July 2008. Had lumpectomy and chemo, even though i had asked for a mastectomy, 2nd lump was present throughout chemo but nobody examined me and as i was told the cancer was removed i didnt worry too much - just thought it was scar tissue. Anyway, turns out it was another tumor which meant another lumpectomy despite me asking again for a mastectomy. they found more tumors so had mastectomy and most of my chest wall muscles removed. had another little lump which was dismissed and ignored as nothing to worry about by my onc despite my several requests to get it looked at BEFORE radio started (as you cant have radio more than once to same area) then had radiotherapy and started on herceptin. less than 2 months after radio i now have the ugliest itchiest painful rash of skin mets and never even got as far as reconstruction. i feel that if they had removed the whole breast in the first place, or got the third lump checked out before radio and given me more chemo instead - i may have some options but now i dont. i have had no advice on what to do for the skin mets and dont know what it means. does it mean i know have stage 4 metastatic cancer, or a local recurrance, or a regional recurrance or is it now classed as inflammatory bc or what?! there is hardly any info on the websites about it. i started new chemo today - dont know if this is meant to get rid of it or just stop it getting worse.
have you had any more help/advice from you onc? i wish i could help you more but there is hardly any real info about it.

Hello debracat,

I am an IBC girl, or was!

At the end of my chemo in July 2006 surgeons refused to operate due to my dx of IBC, (long story, but complete mess up why this happened). I eventually had an emergency mastectomy in Nov 06, but by this time had developed skin mets on my breast.

Had difficulties ‘closing’ me due to the skin mets and lack of skin. Went on to have rads and noticed a small lump along my scar line which I pointed out to the registrar, to no effect. Showed it to my onc in clinic when rads were finihed. He insisted on biopsy, and cancer was found, (so within 3 months). Had a WLE to remove lump and skin mets started to appear again quite quickly.

Although skin mets are a known possibilty for IBC ladies I feel strongly that had my original surgery taken place in July 06 I would not have gone on to develop them. Obviously once you have them they are more likely to reappear with further surgery.

I was taken off tamoxifen and herceptin, tried femera, and sent for a second opinion to the Marsden.
Capecetibine almost got rid of the mets, but they came back after about 8 cycles. I am now back on herceptin and on aromasin. The mets had already scabbed and bled in a couple of places but for now are stable, though not going anywhere.

Hoping some of this helps you and that you see some results from your current chemo.
Jackie x