Help! Sore breast from running? Wle/chemo/rads last year.


hoping someone might have had a similar experience, or have some advice.

I had lumpectomy last april, chemo through until august then radiotherapy in october. I started running in january. I havent ever run before and have joined an absolute beginners running group and am taking it slowly.

However, my affected breast has been sore and swollen and i think it may be linked to my running, because of the jiggling up and down perhaps. I have a really good firm sports bra that i always wear. I noticed it a few werks ago, thought the worst, had an ultrasound and biopsy and, thank god, no evidence of anything sinister. But i didnt run for a few weeks through this time, and then did 2 miles on tuesday. On wednesday it was achy again, having died down before then, and its still achy now.

So i got to thinking that it might be the running, which p!sses me right off as i am proud of myself for doing it and i have had enough of BC affecting my lufe in all variety of new and obscure ways.

I have bought a crop top type sports bra to try out over my standard sports bra on my next attempt but wondered:-

  1. Has anyone else had similar problems after exercise?
  2. If so, did you find a solution?
  3. Has anyone with running/sporty experience got any suggestions for bras etc which may help?
  4. Has anyone had swelling and achiness in their breast on a similar timescale as mine, even without exercise exacerbating it?

Thank you in anticipation of many helpful replies…


Vicki as you know i was in a similar position and i have been doing Wii fit and Just dance every night for last month! Scanner said rads damage can continue for 24mths and new sore bits and bobs are quite common. Everything is quite sensitive still i guess and exercise certainly makes me a bit sore but i want to get fit and loose weight so i will continue!



I’ve been running for years and although I’m still at the having chemo stage I have had to readjust my running bra as the affected side does not like any movement at all. For years I’ve used a company called Lessbounce who were fantastic in giving advice as I need two different cup sizes. If you goggle them they have awide selection but you can phone for advice. I’ve found crop tops too bouncy but the Champion Action shape is great.

Hope this helps


Hi I finished rads in November - only went back to wearing a bra when I went back to work in January - and so far has been OK - but need to take off when I get in. However, today boob is sore - have been doing zumba, aquafit and walking - relieved to see above post that rads can cause sore bits for up to 2 years afterwards.

Hi Vicki sorry to here that the tenderness is continuing but at least no sinister cause. I have been back at aerobics x2 per week since the end of last year, and swimming aquaerobics and building upo on the walking too. Slowly on the latter as tore ligaments in my ankle last Oct.
I find it quite frustrating too that my affected boob is still so tender/achey and feels ‘full’. I have a couple of very firm sports bras made by Freya and I wore these post op too.I had extra u/s and mammo and surgeon appt as had lumpy bumpy areas but all that put down to scar tissue and nerve/tissue damage post op and rads.From an earlier post looks like this could go on for a while no let up in forgetting about the BC there then.
Could you do less distance and more often? I realise that this might not be so practical though. Good Luck you have done so well hope you haven’t hit the wall with this.Love Jackie

Thanks fpr your replies everyone. Glad its not just me. Blummin frustrating though. I am going to try and stick at the running as exercise has got to be good , and nobody seems to be saying that the exercise might do any damage which i was worried about, it seems to be discomfort i have to balance with keeping fit. Will try these new support tops i’ve bought, will have 3 layers of support/ scaffolding! Amdoing a run tmrw so will see how i go. If still sore, i will prob buy the new bra as recomended, and rethink my running plan. 10k manchester run beckons in may though…

Anyone with any more tips is vwelcome to add their posts!