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Hi Ladies

Can anyone tell me if they are still swollen and sore . I had a lumpectomy on the 16th January breast was sore and inflamed so i was given antibiotics but the pain isnt getting any better and my breast has swollen to twice the size also around my nipple is red raw and still blue from the dye i was given, is this normal or should it be better by now ?

Thanks x

The blue dye will be there for a few months, dont worry.also in time all will settle down.

I had same problem,but also had senoma very early in my treatment ( i .e fluid in the breast) ,I was told that would find somewhere else in my body to go, it went all over my living room floor!!
So, with ABs’ everything was put right.I know this is a scary time but ( and I was the biggest wimp going),it does get better and my wound has settled down now.I just want to try to reassure you, I know this is a cr*p time .

hope all works out



Lynn - the discomfort can last for a couple of weeks but perhaps you should contact your BC Nurse and get her to have a look at it. I saw either the district nurse or the BCN every two days for the first 10 days or so. Best put your mind at rest as she will check for any infection etc. Good luck. Marli


think you should get it checked out. i am told that the blue dye can stay for ages i had a lumpectomy on the 25th and have a large blue stain and expect it to stay for months make sure you take your pain relief regulary were you advised to wear a bra all the time i was advised to wear a brar without wires and wear all the time which has helped

love poppy x

I had my op on the 17th and it started to get red, swollen and itchy a week later…on anti-biotics since Fri evening and its still red and swollen but is fractionally more comfortable…bit disappointed as i thought anti bi kicked in more or less straight away but am willing to be patient.I think you should go to your doctor or nurse as it might be that the anti biotics are not strong enough?I’m on Pyostacine but i think they have an entirely different range of medicines here in france - my pharmacist said they were very strong and very expensive (But I’ll get my money back through the system)
I’m not wearing a bra found they rubbed on my node clearance scar i sent for some support vests from M&S which ar not as supportive but more comfortable than a bra.
best wishes
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Mary M

Hi Lynn,
Sorry you’re still sore. I had a mx and recon which went well but after about nine days my boob became hot and pink on the underside. I didnt have any other symptoms like a raised temp. The consultant put me on antibiotics but after three days it was worse so BCN advised me to see a GP and ask for a change of anti bios. I then went onto two kinds at the same time to make sure the infection was stopped. I dont think it’s right for your wound site to be getting worse or more sore so I’d ring the BCN or hospital or go to see a GP as a matter of urgency. Better safe than sorry they said to me.

Best of luck, it’s a nuisance but you will be ok, might just take a bit longer to get there.


HI Nonsuch
I had my lumpectomy on the 23nov then Lymph node removal on the 4th Jan no problems with scars did have a seroma but had that drained about 10 days ago it was painful, anyway yesterday I looked at my boobie and it is bright pink it has been sore and I can feel my seroma filling up, I was struggling putting tops on, anyway I went to see my BC nurse today and she tried to drain the seroma only got 100 mls and told me to come back on Friday, she didnt seem to concerned about the redness, but I am , I don’t have a temp but its painful to touch and uncomfortable to sleep, dont know why she didnt tell me to see the gp for antibiotics. I am due to start chemo on the 7th and dont want to put that back, but it does sound the same as you, I am having a post op tomorrow so if I don’t get any joy I think I will go and see the gp for her advice.