HELP what questions do I ask I am HER 2 positive

Thanks Ann,
I am having the same drugs as you (FEC) but without the Methotrexate. Is the time going quickly or not? I know what you mean about daytime TV. Let’s see it as precious time we have been given to do something amazing with. I am still thinking of ideas! When you say you are struggling - has it zapped all your energy?
It is interesting that they started your chemo with the wound still bleeding. I get the impression that they will start mine next wednesday whether it’s bleeding or not. It will be nine weeks after the op next wednesday.
Did yours heal up ok without any infections etc in the end?
I’d better go and do something useful. I just couldn’t resist a quick look on the website.
Love Lorna XX

Hi Lorna,

I am having CMF was orignally going to have FECx6 but really trying to avoid the hairloss so ong has agreed to CMF day 1 and 8 then miss a week and then start again. I had first one last Thursday apart from feeling really sick and being sick, I have been picking kids up, working etc. I am know thinking would i have been better just doing FEC for 6 sessions as i still may lose my hair, I am also sing the cold cap. (well to late know!) I am based in Surrey where are you.

Lisa x


I am struggling as the Epi part is making me really sick. I am on anti sickness tablets for the first 2 weeks and still feel nauseous all the time. As a result i dont eat much during this time so am very tired. I just about manage to eat during week 3 and build my energy levels up before the cycle starts again.
My wound did eventually heal although they took regular swabs when i went for my review prior to chemo. I didnt get an infection although i was given 3 courses of anti biotics at different times as a preventative measure.
They probably will start your chemo next week even if your wound is still open. I was told they prefer not to but they dont like to leave too long after the op before starting chemo.



I have just joined the forum and thought you would like to know that I completed my treatment on 31st October. I had exactly the same diagnosis and treatment as chadders and count myself very lucky that none of the treatments made me particularly ill. My oncologist prescribe 2 types of anti sickness while I was having the chemo and although I felt sick, i never acutally was. The treatments have all had an effect with regards to tiredness and I still haven’t got over this yet. Somedays, I jump out of bed full of energy ready to take on the world, other days I drag myself out of bed, have no energy and want to hide away from everything.

To all of you still going through your treatment, the very best of luck. You may think the end is a long way off but believe me you will be surpised how quickly it passes, and I think the alternative of not having treatment does not bear thinking about.


Hi Lisa,
I live in Shropshire. It’s good that you are still managing to go to work etc. Does the nausea go away when you lie down at night? CMF must be much the same as FEC then in the end. I hope you do manage to keep your hair. I just had mine cut short in preparation for it falling out. I quite like it actually. I’ve just resigned myself to the fact it is going to fall out. I hope i’ll feel ok when it does. Where do you go for your treatment?
Lorna X

Hello Chadders (Ann),
Your sickness seems to be lasting a long time. Have they tried changing your medication to try to make things easier for you? I hope it improves on the next cycle.

Hi Ladyluck (Jeannette)
Thanks for your words of encouragement. It is great to hear from anyone who has a good experience of the treatment.
Lorna X

Hi Chadders (Ann)

We seem to be on the same treatment path, I have my last Epi next week 28th so my CMF like yours is due over Christmas. I was 50 when I had my op but 51 now. reading this thread I realise i have no idea if HER2+ or not so I think I better ask my BN when she rings on Friday, I had my op in August so I suppose I should know by now.

I was having Metoclopramide for sickness but last treatment couldn’t keep them down so ONC gave me Ondansetron instead.



I had my third different type pf anti sickness tablet this time to take alongside Ondanestron. It was a little better but i was still sick.
Just hoping the CMF part is better as it had supposed to be easier than the Epi part.


Thanks for your input. Like you say it has to done so we just have to grit our teeth and get on with it. Its better than what the consequences of not having it may be.


Im sure you would have heard if you had been HER+ as i belive its a standard test.Its positive in about 1 in 4 women. I would just ask your nurse though
just for peace of mind.


Hi Lorna,

I am having my treatment in Guildford Nuffield. Have just come back and they have changed the anti sick ness drugs so hopefully wont be so sick! Also had my hair cut short, just in case.

lisa x