Help! Will the fix my boob??

AJ_silver AJ_silver Member
Jun 22
Hi Ladies,
I had a lumpectomy for a small tumour about a month ago and I’m unhappy with the look of the breast, it looked pretty good for the first few weeks after as it was swollen but now the swelling has gone down I’m left with quite a dip in the breast. Has anyone had this kind of thing fixed and will the NHS do it?? It’s really getting my down.
thanks Audrey x

Hi Audrey, As far as I know Yes you can have reconstruction on the NHS. Contact your BC nurse or speak to consultant.

When I was speaking to oncologist about rads she told me that it might shrink my breast and I could have reconstruction. I actually said no …but I’m 62 and not in relationship and really not bothered…but I assume it does mean that you will be able to have it on NHS. 

Hope this helps. 

All the best, 

Pat xx