help with Diep, mastectomy needed please

oh thanks for that, will check with them what’s best, useful tip though and glad you are happy with your results, wish I was where you were at now x

p.s. love the belly button thing and glad its not true lol!!!


The boob less thing sounds good especially with the poppers under the crutch.

I cant wait until my reconstruction is done and dusted hopefully in Feb I should know more.

Its good to hear others experiences and also the practical aspects especially if it makes the whole things a bot easier


You have changed your photo I was thinking of asking which one was you


ha yeah I did it was a friend on here’s birthday. I’m the very chunky one in the stripy top lol!!!


I am seeing my consultant on 21st Feb to discuss right breast off and then DIEP to both, hope I have enough fat for both. I have had offers from others who want to get rid of their tummys!!!

I have been looking on the other threads re: DIEP and they are really encouraging, however I would love to hear from others who have had DIEP to both. The tips have been good and I will use many of them so keep them coming

Lisa: How are you feeling? have you got things ready yet?


Ha no, I did a while ago meet someone who had both done and she said it went really well, hard work at first but managed. Hey I will be able to fill you in. I’m trying not to think about it for a couple of weeks as trying to get all my house sorted and things in order… always have a wee panic before hospitals, only natural I suppose especially with such a large op.

Oh forgot to say, if my operation hadnt been totally messed up last time, my operation was a 2nd masectomy where he would save the skin and do the double diep at the same time, might be worth considering, makes it a bit longer but all done at once.

Hi Lisa mine will be mastectomy to right and diep to both. It’s a nightmare isnt it I try not to think about it too but as soon as I go to bed I do anid its the first thing I think of when I wake up l x

Hi Tiny fish and LisaF,

Thank god…you both have made me feel ever so normal…I am due a double diep and a prophalatic mastectomy (already had one in 2010)…

I have doubted, panicked etc so reading your threads have helped lots…How are you both doing??

I hate the thought of a 14 hr op which is what I have been told.

I have been silly in worrying my new boobs will be half the size I am now the consultant said…Im a size 16 and have one good boob 40D. Will have the size make the new ones B???

I have no idea on bra size to buy…I havent really exercised either as still struggle with lethargy and work fulltime…wish I was someone who did nt get so tired even after abit of exercise!!

Consultant suggested stomach crunches…not a chance, never been able to do them before so why he thought I could now!! Have used the Wii and had a week or two doing some gentle exercise…

They dont use binders in my local hosp StH & W (merseyside) has anyone used one and do you think I should ask??

Thanks again xx

Hi Jo I have read your other notes as well as this one. It’s all very confusing different hospitals do the op different ways stating different times and recovery different which doesn’t help. The hospital I am going to tells us to wear support pants after the op but I am not sure yet about binding. I was told the op was about 7 hours for 2 breasts and 6 for one which I was originally going for.see my consultant 21st so hope to know more then, I think its normal to questionI have times when I think what am I doing, but I hate having one breast and having had cancer twice don’t want to get it again. I am also a d cup and not sure what size i will get if i go with the double.

How are things with you Lisa?


Well both, I was a ff cup as due to other ops now a large d on one side and a posh spice a on the other and a size 10 prothesis so cant wait to get rid of that. I will update you with any news after pre-op on Thursday and will ring bc nurse to see what else to take in. Different hospitals do things differently and after the botch up last time i spent 3 days opposite someone who had one side done. Our hospital fits you with a sports bra the morning after, the joys eh! in bed lying about 25 degrees for two full days after op, the whole room in a bay of 4 is kept to certain heat and night you are back have a nurse with you all the time.

I keep getting so scared about the recovery and more about not waking up or if I through the blankets of or if it fails on one side after all this. I have been told as I ended up having 2nd masectomy that I may be slightly smaller but my middle buldge will stand out more lol!! I think the idea is to take in a bra in your current size as you will be swollen, last time I had op I was swollen for about 4 weeks but didnt really realise. I was also told just to take some big knickers in and button my nighty but taking some really slobby baggy soft pj’s too as I would rather pull pjs down that nighty up revealling everything lol! Intimate I know but someone also told me to remove hair down below so it doesnt hurt as much when taking the dressings off. I’m quite nervous as I havent exercised either couldnt do a sit up if tried but lost 9lb. My hospital is also almost 3 hours away and will have to return each week for dressing changes etc.

Gulp nerves hitting in but thinking about the end result …

Hi Lisaf, not long to go and you’ve at last got there!
In terms of shaving and dressings, no one mentioned it to me so i didnt…but do t thinj it was a problem…my scar is JUST above my hairline, and the drains were sited on my pubic area, not that I could tell. I’m try g to think whether the dressings pulled, but I don’t remember.

Hopefully they will sort out your dressings quickly…mine were changed in hospital on day 5, then before discharge and all taken off at the clinic on day nine, which was after I’d left hospital. That was it. Evidently I culd have had district nurses coming in to check wounds but they never got the message about me.

I tried pjs but with catheter and drains it was too tricky so went back to front opening nightie.

Keep cheerful, the op will soon pass!

Lve lynette

Thanks Lynette, keep forgetting about drains down below, just found my two button u nighties, thanks for that and the info re dressings, oh god dreading it so much… x

Thanks for all the tips I am sure they will be really helpful. Well done Lisa loosing the weight the size of a baby, I don’t think I would be able to when I am stressed I eat,especially bad stuff.I can’t wait for 21st when I see my consultant so that I can try and make the final decision.I can’t believe how much stuff we need to get for the op I had wanted to wear pj s but I suppose with a catheter they wouldn’t be much good. And defuzzing down below sounds like were off on holiday although saying that you will be.

Anyway good luck to any ladies having diep

Any tips would be very useful

Lx x

Hi Ladies,

So so impressed with how you are doing, hope I do as well.

Thanks for the tip about down below, think I will be removing as much as possible.

I was told they pull down any spare tyre from the mid rift so you are equal??

I am so glad its not just me how is having the nerves on edge time!

I havent heard anyone say its not worth going through so here goes…monday here I come!!

It is strange how each hospital offer differing advice…I do believe that is down to money…in my local NHS hospital I have been passed from pillar to post and seen people for no reason apart from to buy time to keep waiting list results down!!

I would like to see a possible list of things you may need provided by the hospitals as a guide as well as some of the info…

The info here on BCC great about the op but not so much about the after care/pain and what to expect, what to take in hosp unless Im not looking in the right place.

Ive got tonsilitus so hoping its sorted by next week as dont want my op postponed!!

My breast size when I was younger was smaller…B cup but since I had my children been a D cup…

I was told not to lose weight, then told I could lose weight then told to exercise.

I have lost about a stone and half since completing my herceptin, believe most of that was swelling. Well done though for being controlled enough to help yourself lose weight, mines been purely by accident!!

Getting excited now and feel more relaxed about the whole thing…I really must be in a menopause now!!!

After my op next Tuesday at some point in the weeks after I will post and let you all know my experience…

I guess some waxing on the to do list this week!!

Good luck peeps and continue to grow strong xx

Oh I know what you mean, I’m on my 3rd surgeon and now been 2.5 years since referred there, wish we were all over and done with and on the other side.

well in terms of the midriff would need scaffolding to pull mine down armidex is mean to me that way or maybe it’s the early menopause but we will see…

Hope the tonsillitus goes before the op and it goes well, will have my fingers and everything crossed for you and hope it goes well and you get a great outcome.

Good luck and hope the nerves doent get too bad, as everyone keeps telling me, your asleep it’s those waiting that have the worst bit during that day xxx

Thanks Lisa


I know Im taking pictures of my boys and family down to theatre and a sneeky george clooney so I can have a nice dream!!


Hiya all,
It is a relief when you can actually get in with it, not that I wasn’t scared when the day came…it’s natural I think!
Jo68, I’ve done a list of what I took, if it’s any use to you…gathered up ideas from garoua other ladies here. I can email it if you give me your email in a pm.

I lost all my tummy stretch marks…well, the patch on my boob does have stretch marks… They were all below my navel and all that area of skin and fat was taken, in a sort of diamond. Most of the spare skin was binned. The upper skin was indeed pulled down, and to some extent the skin on my pubic area seems to have been stretched up to meet it…a double lift right on my bikini line. No wonder i couldnt stand straght to start with!! My relocated navel is lovely!
It took about 5weeks for the swelling and fluid under the tummy skin to start going down and massaging it from week three helped.

It isnamazing the different info hospitals give or dont give about aftercare etc…I would advise contactg your local district nurses to warn them you’re going in and expected discharge. Mine never knew till six weeks afterwards but would have come daily had they known!!!

Hi Ladies

I have been trying to add comments but my computer had to be fixed and tried using my phone and kept loosing the comments. Back on the computer so I have to catch up

I know it sounds a bit strange cant wait until 21st to see my consultant to make the decission ( diep to 1 or the other one off and diep to both)

Nonsuch : its great to hear from ladies who have had the op and come out the other side and your tips are invaluable.

Lisa: How are you feeling? I bought 2 nighties from Matalan going to send the others back. I am dreading the not being able to walk around and do stuff for myself but i am a conrol freak and like to know when, what and how.

Jo68: Great idea about photo;s do they let you take them in? or will you leave them on the ward. I will be thinking of you next week and look forward to hearing about your journey. Hope you start feeling better before the op I was the same breast size as you before the children and after so will ask Tuesday what size I will get if I have a double. I was also told not to loose weight and also not to take up smoking!!!

Anyway Happy Valentines to you all



Quick question, if they pull all your tummy down do you know what you can do i.e. how far bent over you are and when you can stretch, im really worried about the tummy part of it, gulp, especially when you use your tummy to sit up, get up etc,. etc.