help with nail growth


can anyone recommend a supplement to take for nail growth? mine are still very weak, and growing very slowly after Taxotere…

I’m on herceptin and vinerolbine for lung mets so know i would have to check with Onc first…

any tips that anyone can share would be great…


I found some brilliant stuff called Nail Magic. It comes from the US but you can get it on Ebay. Someone on here recommended it. My nails which have never been good are really strong now. A couple weeks ago I had to cut them - I have never had to do that in my life as they always broke or flaked. You use it like a nail polish either on its own or under colour.

Sharon x

You can get it from John Lewis too and it does help.

Apparently eating walnuts is good for your nails. Just a thought! I’m giving it a go as mine have never recovered from vinolrebine.

my mum’s a homeopath and worked at Helios so even though she’s not a dietician she knows a lot about it and knows a lot of people who are nutritionalists.

She’s sent me up a huge bottle of Solgar Skin, Nails and Hair just in case I have to have Chemo (still waiting for results and to see onc, just post surgery at the moment).

One of the things I just noticed in the Solgar mix is MSM which is interesting as there have been some claims that it helps with recovery from cancer too.

Seeing as it’s a nutritional supplement I’ve just started taking it anyway, I trust my Mum :slight_smile:

If you want me to find you a link drop me a private message. I don’t think we’re allowed to post links here. Sure I can find the ingredients so you can check with your onc if you’d like.



As I say I’ve just started taking them and haven’t had chemo yet so can’t personally vouch yet.