Help with posting on forum

Hi everyone… only just found this forum and would like to start posting after reading some of your posts especially the helpful tips along with the support you have for each other.  I started my treatment on 12th May and was trying to post into the “May starters” but can’t find how to…think brain fog set in!! Can anyone help me out please ?

Click on May 23 thread header , then click on reply to very last comment . You cant reply to individual comments it’s just one long conversation .If you want to make it clear who a comment is meant for put @ before their user name .

Hi @Jo 71   and welcome to the forum. As @Jill1998  has already explained it so well, I won’t add anything else other than welcome and if you need any help then the forum team and community champions are here to help however we can.


Just click on reply in any message and then type… :slightly_smiling_face: