help with redundancy questions please?

Hello I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction?
In Jan 2011 my company asked for people to apply for voluntary redundancy with a package of a full years pay + 5k. I knew that the funding would stop from the government so I applied. I had worked there 8 years. However I was turned down because I was too good and they didn’t want to loose me plus I was never off sick. They accepted 700 and turned down 70. Most people that were accepted were people with 2 years service and bad sick. I appealed and was turned down again. Then I was dx with bc in dec 2011 and have been off sick since, so much for my good sick record. On the 7th March they announced compulsory redundancy and only 3 wks pay per year. Which means instead of 26k I will get approx 8k. This is a massive diff and although unions are fighting for other things regarding saving jobs which won’t happen. When they should be sorting out a redundancy package. My boss I has told me to contact a solicitor about them turning me down last year but the consultation period, 90 days, started on 19th march and I’ve not heard anything from anyone.
I don’t know where to go for advice I don’t want to go back because everyone is fed up and I’ve got 2 more chemos and 4 wks of rads. My pay will stop on the 15th june and consultation stops 20th.

I don’t know where to go for advice so if anyone can advise me. I haven’t heard from occy health for over 6 weeks as well.

Thanks for reading it sounds complicated.

Love Fran x

Hi Fran
Hope you are well at the momennt. Not an expert on this topic but the acas website is a good source for information on this. i don’t have a link but if you search for ACAS you will find it easily enough. There are also many sites which will help you calculate how much redundancy you are legally entitled to - just search for something like “calculating redundancy payments” and that should do it. you put in your salary and how long you have worked and bingo!
Let us know how you get on.
Louisa x

Sorry to hear this is happening to you.

Have you spoken to your Union rep at all?


Hello I’ll give acas a ring thanks.
The union reps are rubbish they are too busy trying to keep sites, 34, open but its too late the government have made up their mind and consultation started a month ago.
Its rubbish when I first was dx they wanted to just give me 4 mths pay but fought for more and got it cos of my previous good sick record.
My uinon rep said just work from home which is not possible when I’m on chemo I have two small children so I’m so tired plus ended up in hosp twice with an infection.
Anyway thanks for replying I’ll see what acas say.

Also might be worth talking to MacMillan - they’re pretty good on employment issues.

Very disappointing that your union reps are not more understanding/supportive.

Best of luck.

I think the union reps have bigger fish to fry foghting for jobs of disabled people but they have their head in the sands. The funding has been taken and the writing was on the wall last year.
I didn’t think of macmillan I could try them as well. Thanks for that! X