help with travel expenses

Hi everyone, I start my rads towards the beg of June I was just wondering whether anyone knows how I could claim some travelling expenses, the hospital is a fair distance away from where I live, I once heard someone talking about a charity called Bridges but I carnt find any information about them.

I would be most grateful for any suggestions or information, many thanks Liz x

Hi Liz,

If you give the helpline here a ring they may be able to help you with this one, or alternatively try the Macmillan website they have information regarding help with costs.

Hope this helps.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

i know if you on low income you can , you claim it from the hosptial you have to show poor of income and they pay you then you need a reciept if going by taxi , bus ticket or parking ticket if by car but they do have a claims form might be more info on one of them
maz x

Hi liz,

Macmillan can give grants towards travel expenses & also if you are on Esa you can claim your travel costs from hospital.


My bcn gave me a form to fill out for travel expenses to/from rads. I wasnt on any benefits but that didnt matter. I got a grant from Macmillan towards petrol expense.

glad you got some help with costs , i’m told that most hospital oncology and radiotherapy unit’s issue free parking passes as parking can cost so much ,hope this helps susan

Yes i never had to pay for hosp car park either, they gave me a pass each week.

Hi everyone, thanks ladies that has given me a number of avenues to explore. I am sure one of them will be able to help.

love Liz x