Hello ladies need some help     diagnosed in Jan having surgery on Monday for lumpectomy feeling terrified and scared feel like not going to wake up from surgery l can not stop crying pls tell me it is normal 

Hello there Zee xxx you are normal !!! You WILL wake up - when you wake up your cancer lump will be out - you will know this because you will feel a little sore xxxx
Crying is good for you - cry lots and then cry some more x afterwards you will start a road to recovery and you will find the smile muscles again ( I promise ). I Had bilateral mx 12 jan stArting chemo in March and laughed very loudly with my daughter tonight x lots love x

Hi Zee, sorry you have joined this club. The support from this site has kept me going and I’m sure all the amazing ladies here will also help you.
The BC journey (aka new normal) is a massive roller coaster with sleepless nights, pure terror, crying, feeling helpless, etc. mixed with old life, laughter, dark humour and new friends.
You are in capable hands with your doctors so listen to them and we’re here to offer our anecdote from our journeys.
Stay positive and take care xx

Hi Zee,


If I tell you I am the biggest coward when it comes to surgery/general anaesthetic you probably won’t believe me but I promise it’s true, I was pretty much a wreck in the lead up and I wept the whole day of my surgery until they put me under the anaesthetic.  Worrying about it all was easily the most traumatic experience of my life so far (and I hope, ever!)  but the reality is that it isn’t nearly as bad as you think it will be.  A quick look at the statistics will show you that actually it is very, very, very rare for anything to go wrong so you don’t need to worry (although I suspect that it won’t stop you!)


Also, I expected to come round feeling terrible and a bit of an invalid but actually within an hour I was on my second coffee and went for a little wander round the ward to see what facilities they had. 


So, I think you’re entirely normal to worry but take it from the lovely ladies on here, it won’t be as bad as you think :slight_smile:



Hi Zee


Sorry to hear you are going through this but as others have said, it is quite normal how you are feeling.

I was terrified too - had never had an op before and was sure i wasn’t going to wake up.


I don’t think I had more than 2 or 3 hours sleep each night before I went in for my op.  Believe me, it is really not as bad as you think it is going to be.   Even when I woke up from the op, i was expecting to feel awful but I didn’t, just felt a bit spaced out but was able to have a drink and biscuits before going home that night.


Hope it all goes well for you and try not to worry too much (easy said, I know)



Hi zee and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you have found here, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through any queries or concerns, lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays on 0808 800 6000

Here’s a link to further information including surgery and further support ideas from BCC which I hope you will find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Zee


I had my op on 5th feb - wide local excision - the surgeon didn’t like the term lumpectomy :slight_smile: - and I’m an absolute baby about operations.  The only one I’ve had - for wisdom teeth - had me crying hysterically when I came round so I warned them about that - told them it was nothing personal, I just don’t like being out of control. 


I walked down, fell asleep whilst the anaesthesiologist was talking - how rude of me - and woke up bawling like a baby a little later apologising to the nurse who was looking after me because of the tears.  By the time I was wheeled back to my room a little later I was fine. I crawled over into my bed, and was on my feet 30 mins later begging for the drip and canula to be taken out so I could go to the toilet.  Tears are normal - I’ve cried lots since I was told this might be cancer. This is not an easy path we’re on - it’s scary, and we all try to be brave for everyone around us but crying is OK - it’s how we feel and there’s nothing wrong with honest emotions.


Hope the surgery goes well on Monday.


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Good you are feeling better, lol xxxxx