Help Sorry but I need to have a winge.

I know after all we have been through and for some stil going through things but i feel that some times that it never ends! I finished Chemo in Dec 05 and my hair has grown back grey (only 39) . I spoke to my hairdresser who says that Chemo kills your roots and the colour pigment and can take many months for this to change. I want to colour my hair and they said it could go differant colours. Anybody else had any issues???

Second winge I am on Tamoxifen and putting on weight even though i watch what i eat and try to go to gym! I seam to be putting it on round my middle, also on Soladex injections monthly. Anybody else having same problems?

I was diagnosed a year ago in the morning I suppose I am feeling fed up with it all and feel people get fed up with me talking about it .

Finished now!


Hello Vodkasue
I think having a winge from time to time helps. I’m much older than you (56), finished chemo in October and my hair is coming back completely grey whereas it was brown with bits of grey only before.

I’ve read comments by lots of women who’ve tried to colour their hair too early and regretted it. Like you I’m inpatient to change it from its current pigeon poo colour but having heard of other women’s hair turning orange or red I’m going to wait a bit longer until I’m sure it can stand it.

Can’t help with the Tamoxifen weight gain as I’m on Arimidex but, like you, I was diagnosed just a year ago and feel strongly that friends and family are fed up with hearing about it. That’s why we need this type of forum.

Be patient with the hair - you’ll soon be able to colour it and look like you again.

Best wishes,

Hi Sue Similiar kind of history to you if you look at my profile. I finished chemo in Feb & my hairs still only about 5mm long, but looks much darker than previously, almost black!
As for the tamoxifen…Ive put on 12 lbs in 6 weeks - nightmare! - and I couldnt eat any less or any more healthy if I tried! Im hoping it will steady out & stop when I go back to work ( next week after 9 months off), but it is really depressing, isnt it? Just another reminder of having cancer. Oh, and nobody else seems to think its a problem, but it does affect the way you feel about yourself, doesnt it??

Rant over. ! Im off to the gym !!

weight gain too! was on zoladex and am on tamoxifin. gained 2 stone and no one really wanted to know. After 2 yrs went to weight watchers and lost all the weight - then had family bevreavement and put it all on again Agree we all want to look good esp after what we have been through!

I will go to weight watchers again but feel very embarassed and annoyed to put it all back on again!

weght gain Can empathise with the weight gain, on tamoxifen, have put on 2 stone since last october!! Add to that the horrendous hot flushes and night sweats, sometimes wonder if the benefits out weigh the risks.
Cant comment on the hair as i was fortunate enough not to have chemo.
I agree we all need a good winge from time to time.
Trying to live with the old saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift. Not always easy on down days. Still have them 7 months post diagnosis but hey we are human!
So go ahead vodkasue, WINGE!!

Thank you Hi

Thank you all for your replies it helps to know you are not alone. I also suffer from hot flushes and night sweats. It’s amazing how I certainly was not told about the side affects. You wonder at times what shit our bodies have gone through to kill the cancer and what the treatment creates as a long term problem later !!

When I try to discuss this and many other concerns with other people (not this site) i feel they are thinking ‘are we still on this subject get over it’

Anyway on a happy note it’s my birthday soon and on my birthday last year i had just come out of hospital after op, so this year i am having a party so a few vodka’s are planned !!! I certainly missed an odd vodka on treament !!

Ta to all


hair colour Hi there, I finished chemo at the end of Oct 05 and my hair came back grey too, also a bit like a toilet brush (talk about adding insult to injury!) I went to a good hairdresser and had mine dyed. It cost £40 which I thought was expensive for the little hair that I had, but what a difference! It looks really natural and most people think it is my natural colour. I am going to try and do it myself when it next needs doing (can’t afford £40 everytime) I used to pay more than this when I used to have my hair highlighted but then, at least I thought I was getting value for money

As for the weight gain I did put on just over a stone immediately after starting Tamoxifen then it seemed to settle down. I have now changed to Arimidex but my weight has stayed the same

Hi Pollyansa My hair is at the grey lavatory brush stage! I was a bottle blond before and wondered if your hairdresser has used a permanent colour on yours? Also what colour has she done it? I am thinking of taking the plunge and doing it myself so would be glad of any advice.

Love Rosamaria x

hair colour Hi Rosamaria
I used to have blonde highlights before and thought I would go for same sort of colour but the hairdresser suggested a different shade to the one I chose. It was a type of beige blonde (was how she described it) It is darker than I had before, sort of a darker dirtier looking blonde if you know what I mean, but it looks so natural, I have difficulty myself, in believing that it is dyed.

As far as I know it is permanent, though someone at work has advised me to go for the semi permanent when i do it myself as she thinks they are less drying on the hair I(she dyes her own hair)

I do not yet know what type I will buy to do it myself but just keep asking everyone I know what they can recommend or what they use themselves…hopefully I will get it right

thanks pollyansa My hair was highlighted and then I was colouring my own a sort of beigy blond with Excellence which was permanent. That was before chemo! I have been told that Loving Care semi permanent is not harmful and doesnt contain ammonia, so that may be worth a try, I dont think it would lighten the colour though.

Love Rosasmaria x

Hi Rosamaria,…update on hair colour Thought I would let you know about what I did with hair colour in the end. Don’t know if you remember but I had an all over colour at the hairdressers in March about 4 months after chemo ended and which cost £40 I was really happy with the result but thought it was expensive for the amount of hair I had, and the time it took

Anyway was going to do it myself this time but backed down in the end. I’m going on holiday in a week and did’nt want to risk making a mess of it

I went to a cheaper hairdresser (one that was recommended) and she suggested doing highlights (my hair is only about 1 inch in length) but she painted them on instead of using foils and the result is fantastic, its lighter than the last colour, more blonde and even looks softer as well (less like a toilet brush!). This cost me £20 and I think it was worth every penny…I will try and do it myself at some stage (simply because of the cost issue) but at moment I am so glad I went to the hairdressers this time, anything that can make me feel better and boost my moral a bit is money well spent I think. I may always be poor ha ha, but if I feel happier, then it is worth it

Did you do anything with yours after. I am still asking everyone what brand of colour they use, ready for when I take the plunge myself

any more weight watchers out there? Hey folks

I am giong back to weight watchers tomorrow have put on the 2 stone I lost!

Any one else out there a WW fan and give me inspiration to lose weight again?

may not seem important but added to only having one boob, a dodgy arm adn darmpit andhot adn cold flushes it seems like the last straw!

hair Hi Vodkasue saw your post, just to let you know I finished my chemo in june 2005, hair came in grey, had been for a few years, but always had it coloured. when still very very short, just a few weeks growing back, i went to hairdresser and decided to go blonde, at age 57. Never been blonde in my life, colour is great and have never regretted it. Never had any problems. really cheered me up.good luck val.

Changed shape! Hi

I too am on Zoladex injections, but I am on Arimadex, Im not sure if its the steroids on the chemo that has totally changed my shape, I used to
be a pear shape with a small waist, they tell me it could be something to do with the menopause? I look at myself in the mirror and do not recognise me!

Perhaps I should join weight watchers, but after everything that we have gone through the thought of fiddling around with food now does not interest me. I start work tomorrow just for a few hours maybe that will help!

Good luck with the hair, I finished chemo 5 weeks ago and mine too used to be blonde its comes back a light grey colour. Oh how I long to go to the hairdressers!

Love Debbie xx

wt gain and hair colour Debbie…I think the weight gain may be a bit to do with the arimidex (same as with tamoxifen) I started on Tamoxifen but am now on arimidex. No injections for me and I could’nt take the steroids. My weight gain did’nt start until after chemo but boy did it start with a vengeance, like you mention, it has changed my body shape. If I had just got bigger as with normal weight gain I think I would have handled it better but it is this awful shape change and flabby fat concentrated in one area that I don’t like. On a more positive note, I think it does help with returning to work and getting about a bit more. I don’t feel as bloated now. Fingers crossed that it won’t be long before you have you have your hair the way you want it too.

Vodcasue…Your hairdresser was right in that your hair can come out different colours but that does’nt mean that it can’t still look natural. I am about a month ahead of you in diagnosis and about 2 months ahead in finishing chemo and have had my hair coloured twice (the first time when there was hardly any there) and am really pleased with the results, it just looks slightly different tones. Honestly, the boost it gives you when you have it done is amazing. Really do hope that you get it sorted and are happy with the result

Hair Colouring I coloured mine myself as soon as i could pinch my hair between my finger tips ~ lol

I put on a permanent brown, and guess what it went browny red? My sister suggested i put on an ash blonde to kill the red? so i did and its now like a strawberry blonde?

i like it… its better than the grey…

Hi Pollyansa I have only just seen your post as Ive been away. It is funny that today I have been out and bought a packet of hair dye, Excellence, that I used to use before bc. I have been sitting here looking at it and too scared to take the plunge! The chemo nurse at the hospital told me that you can dye your hair after 3 months, I dont know if that is right though, and I dont want to lose what little I have!

I am pleased that you have found your highlights good, it sounds great. The hairdressers around here charge a bomb for highlights so dont think I will go for that. My hair is very springy curls, very short, and grey, it looks awful, so I am very tempted to colour it as everyone on here seems to be much happier when they have got rid of the grey.

Ill let you know if and when I get the courage to use this dye, and what the results are like.

Love Rosamarie