Hi All,

Can any one help. I take my Tamoxifen in the evening, but last night I forgot!!! Should I take it this morning and todays dose tonight as usual or should I not take two doses in one day.

Not sure what to do?

Any advise appreciated


I would advise just take tonight’s dose tonight - not two doses in one day.

Don’t worry :slight_smile:

Jacki xx

thanks Jacki,

I think your right, I will do that. I am terrible at remembering to take tablets so this probably won’t be the last time this happens.

Oh well only 4 years and 50 weeks to go!!!


I’ve forgotten mine at night a couple of times - the last time was Friday night, so I took it Saturday morning and felt AWFUL for most of the day! As haven’t had any side effects so far (been taking it for 5 weeks) I would definitely recommend NOT taking it in the morning and just carry on at night.

I’m sure missing the odd one isn’t going to make that much of a difference!

Sally xx

Hi, I am on Arimidex and even though they are marked in the days like the contraceptive pill I forgot for ‘2’ days, totally panicked and phoned Breast Unit they assured me that nothing dreadful would happen to me for forgetting for 2 days and just carry on as normal. I now have a big reminder on the kitchen cupboard and my daughter has set my mobile phone to a reminder that goes off at 9.30am like a very noisy text message coming through.

These couple of ideas may help you but i think we have so much to cope with and think about that often our heads are just like scrambled egg. Just another reasurrance, when i had been taking my tablets for about 10 days i contracted septecemai from my wound and my breast surgeon told me to stop taking them for three weeks, she said three weeks without them was not going to kill me!

Thank you for your replies.

I am glad that I am not the only one who is a scatter brain!! Yes my brain is like scrambled eggs most of the time.

I won’t worry now. Just continue them this evening. I think I will set my phone to remind me, thanks for the tip.

Love to you all

Hi Susie

Just to put my two penneth in. The instruction was given very clearly to me. If you forget do not double up, as you will have enough in your system. It also says this on the instructions in the packet.



Yes I agree also, I was told that if you miss one it’s not too serious. Maybe they should should date the packs i.e. Mon/Tues etc as someone has already mentioned.

Norma x

Keep them by your toothbrush!

I forget at least one a month so I bought a pill organiser box from Boots (£2.99) which has helped as I take other medication too. It is quite bulky with huge letters on it so it acts as a reminder in itself!