helpful words

Hi as you ladies are so helpful I wondered if anyone can cousin has had ovarian cancer and now they have found lessions on her liver. I want to send hopeful messages to her and my aunt and uncle. I would like to send either a poem or a couple of sentences , I can’t remember things I had in my cards so need help



Can’t think of anything in particular but remember that the letters and cards which meant the most to me were those not just with pre-done words but those which simply spoke from the heart with the underlying messages of “we love you” and “we are here for you, no matter what”

Bumping back up as I’m sure though that there are other ladies who may have something more eloquent to say


Sorry to hear about your cousin. As a Christian I would send a Bible verse, only these are truly meaningful to me.

Christine xx

Thanks I just want to make sure I say the right thing. When I was ill so many people seemed to say the wrong thing I know I was in a sensative state