Her negative treatments

Hi guys,

I’ve posted on here several times. I’m just going through my 2nd chemo docetaxel and was wondering what treatments you have all had and how long each one worked for. I have liver, lung, spine, shoulder and chest wall mets. And just really interested in what you have all had over the course of your treatments.

Thanks gills

Hi - diagnosed Jul 13 with secondary to lung and bones. Had FEC chemo then on to tamoxifen since Dec 13. Have been stable but suspect progression. Also do mistletoe therapy.

Hi Gills are you er or her2 pos or triple negative? I was originally told I was weakly er so tried Letrozole but after surgery to lung found I was triple negative. I’ve just had 2rounds of Fec 4 to go. Just hope I have good results and don’t have to do another one to quickly (I had a lot of spread whilst on letrozole, now multiple rib,spine,skull, pelvis think my lungs are clear at the moment, tumour was removed to check er status).
Tracy xx