Her negative

Please help I asked breast surgeon if I was her negative or positive he said negative which is good yet today seen chemo nurses who told me different story, can anyone please explain this to me in plain English and not jibberish that doc talks.

Thanks everyone

Big hugs

Karen xxx

Hi Karen, it’s all so confusing but you will get used to the lingo! 

Do you have any other results? Like your ER status? Being HER2 - Is regarded as good as HER2+ cancers tend to more aggressive but on the upside they can be treated with Herceptin which is a good defence against it recurrence, do you have a treatment plan yet? Xx Jo 

Hi Jo

No but I at the hospital on Thursday so I have asked to see my file, I am currently on the monthly bone injection, anastrozole and Adcal only other thing is pain killers no one has ever sat me down and told me anything
Thankyou Jo once I find out more will let you know

Big hug

Karen xx

Hi Karen, i remember when i was first diagnosed and had a letter saying i was ER+, HER2- , i went to my friend in tears because i thought it was bad. She rang Macmillan and was told that if you had to have breast cancer HER- was the best to have, presumably as it less aggressive. Also ER+ responds to hormone treatment so there are more options. Unfortunately my staus changed to ER-, which meams i am now triple negative and am now told that if i was HER2+ i could have herceptin etc. As it is i cant have the hormone treatments or herceptin so being HER2-seems to be a bad thing?? It is so confusing isnt it?

You dont say whether you are referring to ER/PR (hormone) or HER2 when you say yo are negative.

Please keep in touch and let us know what the medics say. xx

Hi Karent, as you are on Anastrozole, which is an aromatase inhibitor, it is highly likely that the oncol have discovered you are Estrogen positive. They dont prescribe that to Er- /Oestrogen  negative patients. If so, then the Anastrozole will block the prduction of Oestrogen , which will be driving the cancer. I totally agree that you will need to sit down and ask him/her to explain things more fully/clearly. Try to park the anxiety until, you have the chat. Above all, try not to compare what is happening to others to your own situation. We are all different and each person’s cancer  is unique in the way it responds.


much love



Hi everyone

Thankyou so much for your comments and yes it so confusing but your words make sense

Will let you all know when seen chemo nurse next week

Lots love karen xxx

Hello Karen
Isnt it good that we have Nicky to explain things so well …I was tempted to reply but knew I wouldn’t do such a good job.
I’m HER2 negative and therefore don’t have the option of herceptin either.
But …most of us are waiting with bated breath for IBRANCE to be licensed here as they are having some good results in the US with it.
Carolyn xxx

carolyn, i take it from your last post that you are er+, her2-??

I was looking into ibrance some time ago and was very hopeful but then my BC decide3d to change from er+ to -, so it is no longer an option. very sad about it as i too have heard good things. x

Hello stress head
As my primary was 2004 …all I.know I was tested for her2 as they were doing the clinical trials for herceptin but I was neg . I don’t know about the er bit though?
The herceptin ladies seem to do so well but I think I read its only about 25% of bc patients that are her2 + And benefit.
I have been on letrozole for nearly a year and asked oncologist what my next line treatment would be and he said he didn’t know until that time came!!
Carolyn xxx

Carolyn, i think that is par for the course isnt it…‘cross that bridge when you come to it’. i would imagine if letrozole is working then you must be er/pr+. If you get any progression, god forbid, insist on a re-check. It was only throgh this that my change in status was picked up, even if i wasnt told about it for 6 months!! x

Hi Nicki

I found out that ER positive and PR positive and HER2 negative my chemo nurse did go try explain but thankyou for your information really helped me

Lots love

Karen xxxx

Hiya Karen
Same as me then. It means thst herceptin isn’t an option for us but hormone therapies are the first line treatment and some lafies here have been popping the little pills for a long time with good results.
Carolyn xxx

Hi Carolyn

Thank you I will keep popping the pills then lol

Big hug

Karen xxx