HER2+ and ER+ postive

I have just found out that I am HER2+ as well as ER+ and will have to have Herceptin and Tamoxofin and am at a total loss what all this means. Is this prognosis not good the fact that I am HER2+ and ER+. This is on top of me already having 3 courses of FEC and I have so far had 1 course of Taxotere with a further 2 Taxotere to finish with the chemotheraphy. I only found out about the HER2+ results today as I phoned up the Breast Care Nurse at the hospital as I hadn’t heard anything from those test results and I had surgery back in July this year.

Any advice etc would be more than appreciated


Hi There
Like you I am all the +ve’s. My onc told me that ER+ is good because it means you are suitable for hormonal treatments such as tamoxifen which has been proven to lower recurrence rates in ER+ women. If you are ER- then these treatments are not so effective apparently. I was also told that although Her 2+ is not good in that it is a more aggressive tumour apparently Herceptin has been so effective in helping reduce recurrence rates that as long as you get the herceptin when you are Her 2+ then it brings your relapse risk equal to someone who is her 2- .
At the end of the day it’s all statistics and we all know we could fall on the wrong side them. My onc said that he didn’t ‘expect’ my cancer to return but I have to say I do agree with alot of that written on the ‘Living with Uncertainty’ thread. Reading this site has given me the most wonderful support but it’s also difficult to hear people who have really good prognoses then don’t make it but there are also people out there who have been given bad prognoses and are still around offering kind words of advice to us newbies.
Your chemo treatment sounds identical to mine and I am reassurred by my team that I had the regimen most suitable for my tumour type, I hope that helps
Good luck xx