HER2 negative cancers

I have just read about that there is no equivalent drug treatment ER negative, PR negative and HER2 negative. what happens if cancer recures.


We just keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t!
I’m told tn’s do well with chemo. Mines shrunk OK so it’s going next week before rads.

Uk rose are you tn as well chemo is all they can use for tn

I feel so depressed ;;;(

oh its such a hard time for you. you have had all that anxiety of waiting for results and worrying about what your treatment will be. and now you sound to be doing some research on the type of cancer you have and what the drugs do. It is enough to make anyone depressed.

but if you read about how all the other ladies on here are taking it day by day and getting through it, then you will come to realise that it is doable. Its not going to be fun, but it is doable.

when does your treatment start??

There is no drugs only chemo!

Look at lauar64 as said.

Hi UKrose
So sorry you are getting down - we all do at time with this BC and will therefore understand how you feel. I don’t know what you know about chemo and other treatments - I knew nothing 15 months ago when I was diagnosed - but there are lots and different chemos based on different drugs and they all try to work in different ways on the tumours and some work well for some people and some work better for other people… If you are being offered chemo do keep positive - I think you will feel better once treatments starts, I did - and new ones are coming out all the time so that helps me to keep positive too.
Do keep in touch - do you know what chemo you will be having?

Yes FEC-T chemotherapy.

sorry–I thought chemo was a type of drug.

How many times can they give you, your body can only take so much. its 4 four mouths. if it comes back, what then?

Your poor face oldandlumpy.

i am on 2nd lot of chemo within 10 months they try different onesx

I think Rose is implying to the fact that us tn’s won’t benefit from herc and tamox or anything that follows after chemo, surgery and rads.
Rose. Our cancers hate chemo, and that is our drug. My cancer is having a really hard time right now and has shrunk nicelly. I’d like the reasurance that I can take something long term, but smile at the fact that chemo is ‘our drug’.

Hi Rose have a look on the Triple Negative boards its not all doom & gloom theres alot of inspiration with the ladies there, try not to put your energy into it coming back (hard I know)as it might not & like fairyqueen has says if it does there are still lots of treatment combinations they can use.

Just take one day at a time, your having your chemo now & that could well be all you need … baby steps your not alone

Mekala x

uk rose ihope i didnt upset you let me tell you something i was dx with prim 09 had chemo mx rads etc yes mine did come back a yr later in both my lungs but im may i had chemo and both my lumps have shrunk by 80 percent after only 2 goes i have had another 2 and ive a scan thurs to see how how its doing loads of plp are tn and it never comes back i know its v hard when i got dx with sec i sat up all night scared to sleep in case i didnt wake up i understand your scared upset and angry but pls dont worry about it coming back you need to focus all your energy into chemo and fighting this im always here if you wanna chat and im sorry if i scared you tc laura