Her2 positive er/pr neg ladies/survivors

I’ve just started chemo and found out same day I’m her2 positive and I’m having a real wobble tonight. I’m grade 3 with no nodes but Lvi. Still classed as stage 1 but feeling worried xx


can’t be of any practical help as my BC wasn’t the same as yours but just wanted to send a virtual hug and some positive energy to help a little through the wobble - I’m sure others will soon be along to offer support soon xx

Thanks lizard xxx

Hi, I don’t post very often but still pop in to read posts.I was diagnosed 2008 grade 3 her2+ er/pr neg 2 nodes positive with LVI. Had mastectomy, recon, chemo, radio, herceptin. Now back on routine mammogram after discharge from breast clinic after 5 years. Still worry about it coming back but in general life is back to normal (touch wood). Since then two daughters have got married, one granddaughter and another grandchild on the way. It is very daunting at the beginning of treatment but I just concentrated on each treatment and not thinking too far ahead. Time does go - just be kind to yourself and don’t try to be a superhero. Let people help if they volunteer. When I was diagnosed I used to look for posts from people further down the line to me to see if people got through this that’s why I still pop back to the forum. We all need hope to help us through this dreadful desease. My mum also had breast cancer over 26 years ago (although a different type  - er/pr positive). She was my inspiration. Hope this post helps you a little and good luck with your treatment. 

Thank you for your post floss, it’s really reassuring to hear from you xxx

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Hi lilneenz, I’ve just started chemo and Herceptin this week. I’m her2+ grade 3 with multiple areas, the largest being 4cm, detected in the nodes, pagets disease and just had a CT scan yesterday so keeping fingers crossed there’s no more. How are you finding the chemo? Xx