Her2-positive herceptin and perjeta for life

I’ve never posted on a forum before. My mum had breast cancer back in 2014 which was her2 positive. She had her breast removed and started chemo and herceptin. She was also on an anti estrogen table for life. In February this year (2017) she went for her 3rd all clear and they noticed she had a lump on her lymph node in her neck. It was cancerous and she will have to have chemo again but no surgery. They have told her her cancer is incurable and is now a chronic illness. She will have to have herceptin for life and also a new drug called perjeta ( pertuzumab) which is not free of the NHS. 1st dose is £5000 and every shot after that is £2500. Just wondering if anyone else on here has been told to have this drug for life and what it would mean if she was to just have herceptin instead of paying for this perjeta. Also has anyone managed to get any funding for this new drug?
Gabriella x

Hi Gabriella17,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your mum’s story. Whilst you wait for a response, please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, who will be able to talk you through any questions you have about this drug and offer a friendly ear. The opening hours are below:

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Late opening Wednesday, 9am-7pm
Saturday, 9am-1pm

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Hello Gabriella17. I noticed your post on the Pertuzumab thread as well. You may have gathered from this that Perjeta is now available on the NHS in certain circumstances, but sadly it does not appear to be offered in your mum’s case - did they explain why? If not, I suggest you contact your mum’s breast care nurse and ask if she can give you an explanation, and guidance on getting a second opinion if you are not happy with the decision and the reasons you have been given. You can also try the BCC Helpline as Bonita suggests. Macmillan also have a helpline, here is a link: macmillan.org.uk

hi Gabrielle ive just had 3 chemo and now my next 3 is at western park,im also too HER2 poss and I’ve got funding for perjeta ,as far as I know I’m having 3 with my next 3 chemos and 18 herceptin to follow lv jan x