HER2 results

HER2 results

HER2 results Hi,
I was wondering what time scale you had to wait for the results for HER2 testing. I had surgery on 8th May and as yet the breast care nurse has not seen the result.
Start radiotherapy 28th June so a bit in limbo at present.
Thanks in anticipation

I got my herceptin results 2 weeks after surgery. Perhaps it depends on whether your path lab does it or if it has to be sent off.
Are you going back before June? I think I would ring the onc’s or surgeon’s secretary and ask when it would be expected. Waiting for results is always hard.
Good luck
PS - hope your hubby is better. My friend works in the John Radcliffe in the heart surgery ward!!

I had surgery in October last year and was given my results after my second FEC chemo in December.

I’ve had 3 cycles of Herceptin so far.

Still waiting Hi eileenmary,

I had my mastectomy on Mar 29th and am currently still waiting for my HER2 result. I’ve been told that it can taken a few months! My chemo nurse is chasing it every day for me though so I’m hoping to get it sooner rather than later. Its not too much of a big deal for me at the mo though as I’m not even half way through chemo yet.

I guess the length of time we all have to wait for these results differs from hospital to hospital. A postcode lottery yet again!

Take care,


Results and Hubby! HI Kate,

Thank you for your reply and for thinking of Den. I am very pleased to say since he had his three stents placed in his heart on 29th May he has been on the whole pain free. I have always said cancer is not the worse that can happen. We have been living with his lung desease and then ischaemic heart problem for a number of years, we are just feeling very lucky at the moment as he was told he could have a heart attack or stroke at any time, so that has now been greatly reduced.

You are quite right about test going off, mine went to Oxford so will do as you advise and chase again this coming week.

Once again thanks for asking about Den, I sometimes feel other illness take a second place to this cancer thing and people forget other illness’ are life threatening also.


Keep asking Dear eileenmary,

My advice is keep asking. I didn’t get my HER2 test results until more than six months after my operation. I was then told that the results were back within five or six weeks but no-one had told me. The person I kept asking had not been informed of the results so was unaware that they had been received. Try to find out who will be the first person to receive the results at your hospital and keep phoning and/or write. It’s just one other thing to worry about, isn’t it? Hope radiotherapy goes well. Start applying the aqueous cream now and keep applying throughout treatment and for a month or so afterwards! Like most things, waiting for it is much worse than having the treatment. You will soon have finished.

Best wishes
Francine x