Hi. I am on the HER2 Radical trial. Like you I agonised over whether to participate or not. I wish I hadn’t been asked to decide, as this was a mental burden I felt I could do without. In the end I decided to say yes to the trial and see what the side effects were like when I was having the Herceptin without other chemo. I seemed to be getting peripheral neuropathy back on Herceptin alone, so on the basis they might stop my treatment anyway because of that I decided to go ahead with the trial. I can’t feel my fingertips and have terrible pins and needles in my arms at night. I read the journal articles (as well as the handout) and there seemed to be a very slight difference in positive outcomes (<1% difference) on half the treatments. Note that is my interpretation of the journal articles and others may disagree. Anyway I think the main thing is to be comfortable with whatever decision you make. Good luck and I hope you have a positive outcome.

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