HERA trial - reporting on 2 year arm

HERA trial - reporting on 2 year arm

HERA trial - reporting on 2 year arm Does anyone know when we might get information about the arm of the trial in which people are on Herceptin for 2 years? Are there any interim reports due? Have looked at HERA site and couldn’t find any info there. Am six months into my herceptin treatment and wondering whether there’s any info out there.

Is supposed to be out in December Some results are expected to be announced in December at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. You might try her2support.org’s chatroom, since they keep a close eye on such things.

thanks. very helpful. have found her2 support group website and website for san antonio event. mid december then…

still can’t find any info can anyone else? San Antonio didn’t seem to reveal anything about the two year arm, just more stats on the follow up of the one year.

Don’t get me started! Argh! In an interview with Dr Mark Pegram (the link is somewhere in the articles section of the Her2support website), he says that the Belgian oncologist (the one who announced the HERA results at ASCO in 2005) said that the HERA 2 year arm would not be announcing results now until 2008. Pegram is one of the leading oncologists specialising in her2 (works with Dr Slamon herceptin’s inventor).

One US breast cancer patient (one of the really sharp patients on her2support, although I can’t remember which one) claims that an oncologist at Sloan-Kettering told her that he would not recommend the two year arm since did not seem to be working out so far, that there were problems that offset any advantage in the regime. The maddening thing is noone wants to look at trialling herceptin-based chemo regimes until the two year arm has announced results, even though I doubt that NICE would ever go for two years of herceptin on cost effectiveness grounds.